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THIi (JOVKRNMKNl Ol- Till; p 1 I M. 1 I' I' I M- ISLANDS 

Department of Public Instruction 
Philippine Library 



[_ ,, MP • ! v 

- ^ 




Volume I SEPTEMBER, 1912 Number 1 


Announcement ----------- 3 

Law Creating the Philippine Library 4 6 

Recent Accessions ---------- 7 14 

List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the 

study of the Bibliography of the Philippine Islands. 

Part I ------------ 14 16 



iMiiurriNi; libkyky i;u.\kd 

Ex officio: 

Newton W. (Albert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

Gregorio Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

Lawrence E. Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 

McQueen S. Wightman, Secretary 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

Bessie A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 


O F T H E 


Vol. I SEPTEMBER, 1912 • No. 1 


• The Bulletin of the Philippine Library will be published monthly, 

and may be had on application at the library. It is intended to act as a 
medium of communication between the library and the public in order that 
the work of the library may be facilitated and the public better served. 
Accordingly, various library matters of public interest, including recent 
accessions, special reading lists, bibliographical lists of special collections, 
and exchange lists, will be published. In all accessions, reading, and 
special lists, it will be noted that the call number is given to each book 
that has been classified and catalogued. Hence the Bulletin will fulfill 
in part the purposes of a printed catalogue with the further advantages 
of monthly amplification. The bibliographical studies undertaken, it is 
hoped, will prove an aid to scholarly and accurate investigation. The 
exchange notices and lists will show the duplicates in the library, and 
communications in regard to them . are invited. Exchange with other 
library bulletins and reading lists is solicited. 

The library is open daily in its various divisions as follows: 

Circulating Division (American Circulating Library), 8 a. m. to 
9 p. m. 

Periodical Division, 8 a, in. to 9 p. m. 

Filipiniana Division, 7.30 a. in. to 4.30 p. m. 

Public Documents Division, 8 a. in. to 5 p. m. 
A fee of five pesos per annum or fifty centavos per month is charged 
for the privilege of drawing books from the Circulating Division {American 
Circulating Library). 

The privileges of the periodical and reference rooms are free to all 
Books of the Filipiniana and Public Documents divisions may be consulted 
free in the library. If sufficient notice be given before the hour for 
closing the two latter divisions, books will be reserved for readers at the 
charging desk of the Circulating Division (American Circulating Library). 




(First Philippine Legislature, second session. C. B. No. 108) 

[No. 1Mb] 


By authority of the United States, be it enacted by the Philippine Legis- 
lature, that: 

Section 1. A board of five members is hereby constituted consisting 
of the Secretary of Public Instruction, the Secretary of the Interior, the 
Secretary of Finance and Justice, and two other members to be appointed 
annually by the Governor-General, which shall be known as "The Philip- 
pines Library Board." 

Sec. 2. All libraries of every kind and character belonging- to the 
Insular Government of the Philippine Islands, or to any Department, 
Bureau, or subdivision of the same shall be consolidated under the general 
management of the Board created by section one of this Act, as hereinafter 
provided, and shall collectively be known as "The Philippines Library." 

Sec. 3. The Philippines Library Board shall divide the Library into 
such divisions as are necessary and proper for the correct and advantageous 
classification of the books, papers, periodicals, and documents belonging 
to such library, having among other divisions, a division of Filipiniana, a 
law division, a scientific division, and a circulating division, in which latter 
shall be included the present American Circulating Library. The scientific 
division shall be housed in the building of the Bureau of Science, the law 
division shall be housed in such place as the Supreme Court may direct, 
and other divisions shall be consolidated and housed in one place so far as 
possible, but this shall not be done if, in the judgment of such Library 
Board, the purposes of the library can better be served by having one or 
more of such divisions located in another place than at the place of the 
main library. When a division is located in some other place than at 
the place of the main library, property responsibility for the custody of 
the books shall rest upon the Bureau or Office in which it is located, and 
the employees occupied in cataloguing and caring for the books shall be 
employees of such Bureau or Office. As soon as practicable there shall 
be prepared and housed in the main library a complete catalogue of all 
books and publications belonging to the Philippines Library and each of 
its divisions. No purchases of books or publications shall be made for 
any section or division of such library except by such Library Board, and 
such Board shall avoid, as far as is consistent with the needs of the 
library, the duplication of purchases, by bringing to the attention of the 
proper Secretary of Department or of the Governor-General, as the case 
may be, orders involving such duplication. Appropriations for the 


purchase of books shall hereafter be made for the several divisions of the 
Philippines Library as provided by law or established by the Library 
Board. Requisitions for the purchase of books for any division shall be 
signed by the Chief of the Bureau or Office having custody of the books 
of said division, and, after approval by the Secretary of the proper Depart- 
ment or the Governor-General, as the case may be, shall be transmitted 
to the Library Board, which shall examine the same with a view of 
avoiding, so far as is consistent with the needs of the library, the duplica- 
tion of purchases, and said Board shall purchase the books of all the 
divisions of the library in such manner and in such quantities as will 
reduce the price of purchases to the minimum; and all books, papers, 
periodicals, documents, and other reading matter required for the uses 
and purposes of the Philippines Library may be ordered and purchased 
by said Library Board without the intervention of the Purchasing Agent: 
Provided, That books for which requisition is made by any Bureau or 
Office shall be paid for out of the funds, if any, appropriated for such 
purpose for such Bureau or Office. 

Sec. 4. The said Library Board shall give particular attention to 
the making available of the said library, in all its parts, for the use of 
teachers and students of either public or private schools, by the establish- 
ment of suitable reading rooms, and the opening of said library and 
reading rooms for such use, and for the use of the public, under proper 
regulations, at all times, including holidays and evenings, and the said 
Board is empowered to make all rules and regulations for the use of such 
library. Such Board shall also make provision for the temporary placing 
of books in the high school and in other public schools, or with Bureaus 
which may desire to use certain books at certain times. 

Sec. 5. Said Philippines Library Board shall serve without pay, and 
no appropriation is made for the enforcement of this Act. All appropria- 
tions heretofore made for library purposes which are left unexpended and 
all appropriations which shall be made for library purposes in the appro- 
priation bill for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and ten for any Bureau 
or Office whatever are hereby made available for the uses of the said 
Philippines Library. 

Sec. 6. All officers and employees of the main library shall be ap- 
pointed by the Secretary of Public Instruction, with the approval of the 
Library Board, and for administrative purposes, shall be under the control 
of the Secretary of Public Instruction, and all officers and employees of 
the Philippine Government now engaged in duties or work in connection 
with any one of the libraries now in existence which under this Act is 
transferred to and housed with the main library, may be continued in 
the service of the Philippines Library, and shall be paid from any funds 
which have been appropriated for the payment of their salaries, or, in 
case of a vacancy, the place may be filled by the said Philippines Library 
Board, providing that the salary or wages in any case is not greater than 
that provided by law. 


Sec. 7. The Philippines Library is authorized to receive and accept 
gifts, donations, bequests, and transfers of property, money, or books for 
the use and benefit of said Philippines Library. 

SEC. 8. The Philippines Library Board shall make a special effort 
within the means at its disposal to procure and preserve from time to 
time all books, papers, documents, and periodicals of every kind or class 
which relate to the history of the Philippine Islands or to the Filipino 
people, and to provide a chief of the division of Filipiniana with proper 
qualifications to classify and arrange said historical collection. 

Sec. 9. It shall be the duty of the said Board at the end of each fiscal 
year to make a complete report of its operations, which report shall be 
addressed to the Legislature, and to make such recommendations as to 
it may seem wise as to the betterment of the said Library and as to the 
methods for increasing the efficiency of the same. 

Sec. 10. All Acts and parts inconsistent with the provisions of this 
Act are hereby repealed. 

Sec. 11. This Act shall take effect on its passage. 

Enacted, May 20, 1909. 

By virtue of the above law, the four divisions noted on page 3 
are housed under the same roof, and comprise the central part of the 
Philippine Library. After many vicissitudes this part of the library has 
finally secured good quarters in the old Army and Navy Club Building, 
the name of which has been changed to Library Building. 

The Science Division is located in the Bureau of Science, and is 
known as the Library of that Bureau. The Law Division, known as the 
Library of the Supreme Court, is housed with the court. The collection 
of the Attorney-General also forms a part of this division. The Phil- 
ippine Assembly Division is housed in the committee rooms of the As- 
sembly. Finally, all of the Bureaus possess the books necessary for their 
work, so that the Philippine Library in its fullest extension contains well 
over 100,000 volumes. 


(For greater convenience books in this list are only roughly classified) 

History, economics, political 
science, etc. 

Abbott, Edith: Women in in- ! 
dustry. A study in American eco- j 
nomic history. N. Y., Appleton, | 

1910. xxii, 409 p. appx. (Dis- j 
cusses child labor.) 331.4A26 j 

Abbott, Frank Frost : Society and 
politics in ancient Rome ; essays and 
sketches. N. Y., Scribner, 1910. 
x, 259 p. 913.37Ab26 

Abbott, Lyman : Spirit of demo- j 
cracy. Bost, Houghton, 1910. vi, 
1 L, 215 p. 321A26 

Contents. — The birth of democracy; 
tendency of democracy; the pagan ideal 
of the family; the Hebrew ideal of the 
family; the evolution of education; etc. 

Addams, Jane: Twenty years at 
Hull-House. N. Y., Macmillan, 

1911. xvii, 462 p. (With autobio- 
graphical notes.) 331.8A211 

Allen, Nellie B. : Industrial stu- 
dies, United States. Bost., Ginn, 
cl910. x, 1 1., 335 p. 670A153 

Baty, Thomas: International law. j 
N. Y., Longmans; Lond., Murray, I 
1909. viii, 363 p. 341B322 

Beard, Charles Austin: Readings j 
in American government and po- j 
litics. N. Y., Macmillan, 1910. 
xxiii, 624 p. 353B38 

Beazley, C. Raymond, ed. : Texts 
and versions of John de Piano Car- 
pini and William de Rubruquis, as 
printed for the first time by Hakluyt 
in 1598; together with some other 
shorter pieces. Lond., printed for 
the Hakluyt Society, 1903. 345 p. 


Begbie, P. J. : Malayan Peninsula, 
embracing its history, manners and 
customs of its inhabitants, politics, 
natural history, from its earliest 

records. [Madras] , printed for the 
author at the Vepery Mission press, 
1834. xvii, 1, 523 p. 991E39m 

Brooks, Robert Clarkson: Cor- 
ruption in American politics and 
life. N. Y., Dodd, 1910. xv, 1 1., 
309 p. 172.2B79 

Burrage, Henry S. ed. : Early 
English and French voyages, chiefly 
from Hakluyt 1534-1608. N. Y., 
Scribner, 1906. xxii, 451 p. (In 
series "Original narratives of early 
American historv," J. F. Jameson, 
gen'l ed.) 973.1H12e 

Campbell, Gilbert Lewis: Indus- 
trial accidents and their compensa- 
tion. Bost, Houghton, 1911. xii, 
1, 105 p. (Hart, Schaffner, and 
Marx prize essavs No. 7). 


Cromer, Evelyn Baring, Earl of: 
Ancient and modern imperialism. 
Lond., Longmans, 1910. 3 L, 143 
p. 325C88 

Davis, William T., ed. : Bradford's 
history of Plymouth plantation, 
1606-1656. N. Y., Scribner, 1908. 
xv, 2 1., 437 p. (In series "Original 
narratives of early American his- 
tory/' 973.2B72h 

Dickerson, Oliver Morton : Amer- 
ican colonial government, 1696- 
1765. Cleveland, Clark, 1912. 390 
p. 973.2D558 

A story of the British Board of Trade, 
its relations to the American colonies, 
political, industrial, administrative. 

Diemer, Hugo: Factory organiza- 
tion and administration. N. Y., 
McGraw-Hill, 1910. x, 317 p. 


Eckardt, Homer Mark Philip: 
Rational banking system: a com- 
prehensive study of the branch 




system. N. Y., Harper, 1911. 3 1., | 
328 p. 332Ec52 I 

Edwards, Richard Henry: Negro ! 
problem. Madison, Wis., 1908. 32 j 
p. (Studies in Amer. Soc. Cond,, j 
No. 2.) 326Ed98n j 

Ellwood, Charles Abram: Sociol- | 
ogy and modern social problems, ! 
N. Y., Amer. Bk. Co., cl910. 331 p. | 

301E159s | 

Elson, Henry William : History of 
the United States of America. N. ; 
Y., and Lond., Macmillan, 911, xl. j 
p., maps. 973E178hl | 

Farrand, Max, ed. : The records I 
of the Federal Convention of 1787. j 
New Haven. Yale Univ. Press, ! 
Lond., Frowde, 1906. 3 vols. i 

342F241r ! 

Fisher, Irving ; and Brown, Harry 
G. : Purchasing power of money : 
its determination and relation to 
credit, interest and crises. N. Y., 
Macmillan, 1911. xii, 505 p. 


Fiske, John: American political 
ideas. Viewed from the standpoint 
of universal history: three lectures 
delivered at the royal institution of 
Great Britain in May, 1880; and 
The story of a New England town : 
an address delivered at Middletown, 
Conn., Oct. 10, 1900. Bost, Hough- 
ton, 1911. lxxv, 144, 196 p. 


Fite, Emerson David: Social and 
industrial conditions in the North 
during the civil war. N. Y., Mac- 
millan, 1910. vii, 318 p. 330F557 

Ford, Henry Jones: Cost of our 
national government. N. Y., Co- 
lumbia Univ. Press, 1910. xv, 147 
p. (A study in political pathology.) 


Rise and growth of American 
politics. N. Y. and Lond., Mac- 
millan, 1900. viii, 409 p. 320F75 

Garner, James Welford: Intro- 
duction to political science : a treatise 
on the origin, nature, functions, and 

organization of the state. N. Y., 
Amer. Bk. Co., cl910. 616 p. 


Gettell, Raymond Garfield: Intro- 
duction to political science. Bost., 
Ginn, cl910. xx, 1 1., 421 p. 


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and success. N. Y., John Lane Co., 
1910. 252 p. 335G341 

Gompers, Samuel: Labor in Eu- 
rope and America. N. Y. and 
Lond., Harper, 1910. x, 2 1., 278 
p. 331G5865 

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ipal government. N. Y., Century, 
1910. x, 401 p. 352G624m 

Grant, W. L., ed. : Champlain's 
voyages, 1604-1618. N. Y., Scrib- 
ner, 1907 xiii, 1, 377 p. (In series 
"Original narratives of early Amer- 
ican history/') 973.1C35v 

Hakluyt, Richard: The principal 
navigations, voyages, traffiques and 
discoveries of the English nation. 
Glasgow, James MacLehose & Co., 
1903-05. 12 vols. (New edition 
published for the Hakluyt Society.) 


Hakluyt Society : Publications. 
1st and 2nd series. London : 
printed for the Hakluyt Society, 
1847-1910. 120 vols. 

This is one of the most important col- 
lections of voyages, discoveries, and de- 
scriptions ever published. It is of immense 
benefit in studies of the orient. The Li- 
brary possesses all of the 1st series except 
six volumes and the 2nd series so far as 

Hall, Clayton Colman, ed. : Nar- 
ratives of early Maryland, 1633- 
1684. N. Y., Scribner, 1910. ix, 
2 L, 460 p. (In series, "Original 
narratives of early American his- 
tory.") 975.2H14n 

Hamilton, John Judson : Dethrone- 
ment of the city boss. N. Y., and 
Lond., Funk, 1910. 285 p. 


A study of the commission plan as 
begun in Galveston, developed and ex- 
tended in Des Moines, and already taken 
up by many other cities, east and west. 



Hart, Albert Bushnell: Founda- 
tions of American foreign policy; 
with a working bibliography. N. 
Y. and Lond., Macmillan, 1910. xi, 
307 p. 327.73H252f 

Contents.— United States as a world 
power; experiences of the U. S. in foreign 
military expeditions; boundary controver- 
sies and commissions; Brother Jonathan's 
colonies; what the founders of the union 
thought concerning territorial problems; 
the Monroe doctrine and the doctrine of 
permanent interest; a working bibliogra- 
phy of American diplomacy. 

Hobson, John Atkinson : Indus- 
trial system ; an inquiry into earned 
and unearned income. N. Y., Scrib- 
ner, 1910. xx, 338 p. 330H6534 

Hollander, Jacob H. ; and Barnett, 
George E., eds. : Studies in American 
trade unionism. N. Y., Holt, 1912. 
v, 380 p. 331.88H719 

Hollingsworth, Charles M. : From 
freedom to despotism; a rational 
prediction and forewarning. Wash- 
ington, The author, 1910. xiii, 238 
p. 321H725 

Hosmer, James Kendall, ed. : Win- 
throp's Journal: history of New 
England, 1630-1649. 2 vols. (In 
series "Original narratives of early 
American history.") 974W73J 

Howard, Earl Dean: Causes and 
extent of the recent industrial prog- 
ress of Germany. Bost., Hough- 
ton, cl907. xiii, 147 p. (Hart, 
Schaffner and Marx prize essays, 
No. 1.) 330H831 

Hughes, Charles Evans: Condi- 
tions of progress in democratic gov- 
ernment. New Haven, Yale Univ. 
Press; Lond., Frowde, 1910. 1, 123 
p. 320H874 

Jameson, John Franklin, ed. : 
Johnson's wonder working provi- 
dence. 1528-1651. N. Y., Scrib- 
ner, 1910. viii, 1, 285 p. (In series 
"Original narratives of early Amer- 
ican history".) 974.4J631w 

Narratives of New Nether- 

land. N. Y., Scribner, 1909. xx, 1, 
478 p. (In series "Original narra- 
tives of early American history".) 


Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple: Gov- 
| ernmental action for social welfare. 
I N. Y., Macmillan, 1910. xvi, 226. 
| p. 351J421g 

Kaye, Percy Lewis : Readings in 
civil government. N. Y., Century, 
1910. xvi, 535 p. 320K182 

j Merriam, Charles Edward: His- 
tory of American political theories. 
N. Y., and Lond., Macmillan, 1910. 
xv, 364 p. 320M5512 

Morey, William C. : Outlines of 
Roman Law: comprising its histor- 
ical growth and general principles. 
N. Y. and Lond., Putnam, cl884. 
ix, 433 p. 349.37M8184 

Morga, Antonio de : Sucesos de las 
Islas Filipinas. Jose Rizal, ed. 1888. 
(xxv)-xxxvi, 1, 374 p. 991.4M82s 

Northmen, Columbus, and Cabot, 
935-1503. N. Y., Scribner, 1906. 
xv, 1, 443 p. (In series "Original 
Narratives of early American his- 
tory".) 973.1N81- 

Patterson, Isaac Franklin: Con- 
stitution of Ohio. Cleveland, Clark, 
1912. 358 p. 342.277P277 

Amendments and proposed amendments, 
including the Ordinance of 1787, the Acts 
of Congress dividing the northwest ter- 
ritory, and the Acts of Congress creating 
and recognizing the State of Ohio. 

Person, Harlow Stafford: Indus- 
trial education : a system of training 
for men entering upon trade and 
commerce. Bost, Houghton, 1907. 
vi, 3 1., 86 p. 607P432 

Contents. — Need of a system of indus- 
trial education in the United States; an 
outline of a system of industrial educa- 
tion for the United States. (Hart, 
Schaffner, and Marx prize essays.) 

Purchas, Samuel: Hakluyt post- 
j humous, or Purchase his Pilgrimes ; 
! containing a history of the world in 
j sea voyages and lande travells by 
i Englishmen and others. Glasgow: 
! James MacLehose & Sons, 1905-07. 
I 20 vols. (Published for the Hakluyt 
I Society). 910H128d 

! Reinsch, Paul Samuel: Readings 
; on American federal government. 
! Bost, Ginn., c!909. xii, 850 p. 
| 353R276r 




Adams, Andv : Outlet. Constable, 
1905. AdlTo 

Wells brothers. Constable, 

1911. Adl7w 

Adams, Samuel Hopkins : Average 
Jones. Merrill, 1911. Adl96a 

Annesley, Mrs. Maud : Wind along 
the waste. Lane, 1910. An76w 

Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude Franklin 
(Horn) : Julia France and her times. 
Macmillan, 1912. At44j 

Atkinson, Eleanor : Grevfriars 
Bobby. Harper, 1912. *At542g 

Barclay, Mrs. Florence Louisa 
(Charlesworth) : Through the pos- 
tern gate. Putnam, 1912. B235t 

Begbie, Harold : Shadow. Revell, 
1911. B393s 

Beith, Jan Hay (Jan Hay, 
pseud.) : Safety match. Houghton, 
1911. B3974s 

Bell, John Toy: Indiscretions of 
Maister Redhorn. Revell, 1911. 


Kingdom of dreams. Cas- 

sell, 1911. B413k 

Bell, Lilian Lida (Mrs. Bogue) : 
Caroline Lee. Wessels, 1907. 


Belloc, Hilaire: Girondin. Dou- 
bleday, 1912. B418g 

Bennett, Arnold : Anna of the five 
towns, Doran, 1910. B4393a 

Ghost. Small, 1911. 


Glimpse. Appleton, 1909. 


Great man. Doran, 1911. 


Helen with the high hand. 

Doran, 1911. B4393h 

Leonora. Doran, n. d. 


Man from the North. Do- 
ran, 1911. B4393m 

Bennett, Arnold: Matador of the 
five tow r ns and other stories. Doran, 
1912. B4393ma 

Whom God hath joined. 

Doran, n. d. B4393w 

Bianchi, Martha Gilbert (Dickin- 
son) : Cossack lover. Duffield, 1911. 


Bodkin, McDonnell : Young Beck. 
Little, 1912. B6326y 

| Boggs, Winifred: Vagabond citv. 
! Putnam, 1911. B6346v 

Bower, B. M. (B. M. Sinclair) : 
; Lonesome land. Little, 1912. 


Brebner, Percy James (Christian 
Lys, pseud) : Light that lures. Fly, 
1911. B7411 

Briggs, Olive Mary : Fir and the 
palm. Scribner, 1910. B768f 

Broadhurst George; and Horn- 
blow, Arthur: Bought and paid for. 
Dillingham, 1912. B78b 

Brown, Katherine Holland : Un- 
certain Irene. Duffield, 1911. 
I B8138u 

! White roses. Duffield, 1910. 


Buck, Charles Neville : Lighted 
match., 1911. B85481 

Burgess, Frank Gelett: Find the 
woman. Merrill, 1911. B912f 

Burnham, Mrs. Clara Louise 
(Root) : Dr. Latimer. Houghton, 
1893. B935d 

Great love. Houghton, 

1898. B935g 

Miss Archer Archer. 

I Houghton, 1897. B935m 

Mistress of Beech Knoll. 

| Houghton, 1890. B935mr 

I Opened shutters. Houghton, 

j 1906. B935o 

Sane lunatic. Houghton, 

! 1882. 

Westpoint wooing. Hough- 
ton, 1899. B935w 



Burnham, Mrs. Clara Louise [ 
(Root) : Young maids and old. ! 
Houghton, 1888. B935y | 

Caine, Hall: Revolt at Raskelly's. 
Putnam, 1911. C123r 

Calthrop, Dion Clayton : Every- 
body's secret. Dillingham, 1909. 


Perpetua, Lane, 1911. j 


Tinsel and gold. Dilling- 
ham, 1910. C1386t I 

Cameron, Margaret (Mrs. H. C. j 
Lewis) : Pretender person. Harper, i 
1911. C1466p I 

Capes, Bernard: Gilead balm. 
Baker & Taylor. C171g 

Carter, Ada: Priest and layman. 
Little, 1911. C245p 

Chambers, Robert William: Dan- 
ger mark. Grasset & Dunlap, 1909. 


Chesterton, Gilbert Keith: Man- 
alive. Lane, 1912. C426m 

Churchill, Winston : Modern 
chronicle. Macmillan, 1910. 


Coburn, Mrs. Eleanor Hallowell j 
(Abbott) : Sick-a-bed lady. Cen- ! 
tury, 1912. C6396s j 

Conrad, Joseph (formerly Joseph 
Conrad Korzeniowski) : Nigger of 
the "Narcissus." Heinemann, 1898. 

C7638n | 

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Dillingham, 1911. C793g j 

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(Q., pseud.) : Brother Copas. 
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True Tilda. Scribner, 1910. 


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Tales of the ex-Tanks. 

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Steele. Merrill, 1911. C949p 

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able chap. Sturgis & Walter, 1911. 

Daviess, Maria Thompson : Melt- 
ing of Molly. Merrill, 1912. 


Miss Selina Lue. Merrill, 

1909. D2893mi 

Deland, Ellen Douglas : Miss Betty 
of New York. Harper, 1908. 


Deland, Mrs. Margaret Wade 
(Campbell) : Iron woman. Harper, 
1911. D3736i 

Dilley, Edgar Meek: Red fox's 
son. Page, 1911. D583r 

Diver, Maud: Awakening. Lane, 

1911. D6416a 
Dixon, Thomas, Jr.: Sins of the 

father. Appleton, 1912. D6468s 

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Harper, 1910. D7378s 

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the king. Macmillan, 1911. D844j 

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the rainbow. Lippincott, 1910. 


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(Smith) : House of the seven gab- 
blers. Appleton, 1911. D939h 

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team. Penn Pub., 1911. Ea736o 

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Bobbs-Merrill, 1912. E1592f 

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good. Revell, 1911. F228m 

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Dodd, 1912. F237my 

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wash. Little, 1911. F552a 

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of a freshman. Appleton, 1912. 


Frankau, Mrs. Julia, (Frank 
Danby, pseud.) : Joseph in Jeopardy. 
Macmillan, 1912. F851j 

Freeman, Mrs. Mary Eleanor 
(Wilkins) : Butterfly house. Dodd, 

1912. F877b 



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pseud.) : Stories that end well. 
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discipline. Harper, 1911, G1838v 

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Blancas, y el ultimo, con una resena 
de los actos llevados a cabo para 
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ilM'V. ^ 


OtvJ $ « 

The Government of the Philippine Islands 

Department of Public Instruction 

Philippine Library 




,^._-. _- - ■ ■ i ■ -* ° f ™ 



Volume I OCTOBER, 1912 Number 2 


Circulating Division (American Circulating Library) - - 19 20 
Exchanges ------------ 20-21 

Recent Accessions - - 21-27 

List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the 

study of the bibliography of the philippine islands. 

Part II ------ 27 32 






Ex officio: 

Newton W. Gilbert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

Gregorio Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 
Appointive : 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

Lawrence E. Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 
Secretary : 

McQueen S. Wightman. 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

Bessie A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 





Vol. I OCTOBER, 1912 No. 2 



The history of public library work in Manila centers around the Amer- 
ican Circulating Library, which by *Act No. 1935 (see Bulletin No. 1) 
was included in the Circulating Division of the Philippine Library. From 
the establishment of the American Circulating Library early in 1900 by 
a private corporation known as the American Circulating Library Asso- 
ciation of Manila, several phases of growth are discernible. These are 
roughly as follows: March, 1900, to March 5, 1901, the period of private 
control; March 5, 1901 to 1905, the period of control by Government- 
appointed trustees; 1905 to June 30, 1910 (for various reasons the law 
enacted May 20, 1909, could not be fully enforced at the latter date), the 
period of control by the Bureau of Education ; since July 1, 1910, the period 
of control as a part of the Philippine Library. 

Its foundation was due chiefly to Mrs. Charles R. Greenleaf, and the 
object of the association in its establishment "was to create a source of 
instruction and profitable entertainment for all residents of Manila, whe- 
ther permanent or transient, or of whatever race or nationality, and to 
disseminate useful knowledge and literary diversion among those officers 
and men of the military and naval forces who are stationed throughout 
the Archipelago." Mrs. Nelly Young Egbert, so well known in the Phil- 
ippines and in Army circles in the United States, and with whom the 
library has been so intimately connected, was chosen librarian in 1900, 
a post filled by her until the acceptance of her resignation May 3, 1912. 
The growth of the library has been largely due to her care and devotion, 
and the work now being carried on is made possible in great measure 
because of her interest and enthusiasm in the pioneer period . of the 

The expenses of private control proving too heavy, the association 
transferred the library in trust to the military government and its suc- 
cessor the civil government. The latter definitely accepted the control 
by Act No. 96, enacted by the Philippine Commission on March 5, 1901. 
By the terms of the Act, the Government bound itself to maintain the 
objects of the foundation of the library. Accordingly, direct control was 
vested in a board of five trustees, two of whom were officers of the Army 
or Navy, and two of whom were Filipinos. Among other efficient trustees 
and disbursing officers might be mentioned Capt. Leon S. Rondiers, Major 
George P. Ahern, Mr. George Sellner, and Mr. Louis M. Lang. 

Early growth was rapid, and the records for June 30, 1904 show a 
total of 21,575 books, most of which had been donated through the influence 
of Mrs. Egbert and Mrs. Greenleaf. As years passed many of these books 
were removed from the active shelves and were used as long as possible 



for the traveling libraries that were sent to Army and Navy posts. The 
funds appropriated by the Government could not be used for the purchase 
of books, and the few new purchases were made from the small sums 
charged for the privilege of borrowing books, and from fines and money 

The library occupied rooms on Calle Rosario until May, 1904, at which 
time Major Ahern's influence procured a removal into better quarters in 
the Oriente Building which had been purchased by the Government. The 
library under his impulse continued to grow rapidly and the following 
year, by official act of the Philippine Commission, became a division of 
the Bureau of Education, and the library was accordingly removed into 
the building occupied by that Bureau. The growth of library work and 
the desirability of centralization of library effort were responsible for the 
Act creating the Philippine Library. Shortly after its total severance 
from the Bureau of Education the Philippine Library was removed to 
very inadequate quarters on Calle Cabildo, but its stay there was only 
temporary, for with the removal of the Army and Navy Club from the 
Insular Government building occupied by it into its own new building, 
the Philippine Library was at length given quarters more suited for the 
purposes of a library, and the building, formerly the Spanish engineers' 
building, was renamed the "Library Building." 

The Circulating Division (American Circulating Library) is now the 
general division of the library, and is growing rapidly in many directions, 
one being in orientalia; while the best new fiction, is, as far as possible, 
rendered accessible. The scientific cataloguing in the old library dates 
from 1905, and this work is constant. The memorial features of the old 
library are preserved, and there are now nine memorial collections, as 
follows : Egbert, Greenleaf, Guy Howard, Miley, Ward Cheney, California, 
Montana, Ohio, and Virginia. Many boxes of magazines and papers are 
sent annually to transports and garrisons, and a number of traveling 
libraries are constantly in commission. The influence of the division, is 
constantly widening and the library is one of the formative factors of 
Philippine life. 


The Philippine Library has a number of duplicate copies of various 
old Spanish Government publications (mainly relating to the Philippine 
Islands) to exchange or sell. These are for the most part unbound, and 
generally in good or fair condition. In exchange, Filipiniana is desired, 
but other material, especially orientalia, will be accepted. The number of 
duplicate copies varies from one to several hundreds. Some of the reports 
or documents are rarely found. Among them are the following: 

Balanza mercantil de las Islas Fill- ! Decreto de la administracion eco- 
pinas. 1861. nomica y contabilidad de ultramar. 

n ,.„ ..... A A • , Madrid, 1870. 

Cartilla higienica y de desinfec- ^ 
cion Manila 1888 ! Decretos sobre embargos y admi 

Castro y Casaliez : Memoria. Ma- 
drid, 1895. 

nistracion de bienes por rebelion e 
infidencia. Manila, 1896. 37 p. 

Elementos de practica forense, 
Madrid. 1843. 2 vols. 

Coleccion de autos acordados de la 

real audiencia chancilleria de Fill- Estadistica general del comercio 

pinas. Manila, 1861-66. Dups. of de cabotage. Madrid, 1863; id., 

vols. 2-5. i 1871; id., 1879; id., 1873-75. 



Estadistica general del comercio 
exterior de Porto Rico. For the 
years 1884, 1887, 1888, and 1890. 

lnstrucciones para la administra- 
cion, intervencion y cobranza de las 
Islas Filipinas. Madrid, 1894. 

Instruccion para la recaudacion y 
administraeion. Manila, 1864. 

Intervencion general de la admi- 
nistraeion del estado de Filipinas. 

N. d. 

Islas Filipinas. Real orden No. 
90 de 18 de Ene'ro de 1860. Manila, 

Islas Filipinas. Real orden No. 
191 de 20 de Febrero de 1861. Ma- 
nila, 1861. 

Islas Filipinas. Resumen de los 
presupuestos de gastos e ingresos. 
For the years 1864, 1865, 1866, 1868, 
and 1891. 

Legislacion ultramarina. Madrid. 
Vols. 1, 5-8; Madrid, 1866-68. 

Ministerio de ultramar. 

Instruccion aprobada por real j 
decreto. Madrid, 1895. I 

Plantillas que se acompanan a la 
real orden No. 188, 5 de Febrero, 
1861. Manila, 1861. 

Presupuestos de Cuba, Porto-Rico, i 
Filipinas, 1860. Madrid, 1861. j 

Presupuestos de los fondos locales 
de Filipinas. For the years, 1895, 

Presupuestos generales de ingre- 
sos y gastos de Cuba y Fernando 
Poo. Madrid, 1879. 

Presupuestos generales de ingre- 
sos y gastos del golfo de Guinea. 
Madrid, 1893. 

Presupuestos generales de gastos 
e ingresos de la isla de Cuba. Ma- 
drid, 1886. 

Presupuestos generales de ingre- 
sos y gastos de Puerto-Rico. For 
years 1874, 1877, 1879, 1885. 

Presupuestos generales de gastos 
e ingresos de las Islas Filipinas. 
For the years 1858, 1859, 1867, 
1868, 1879, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886, 
i887, 1890, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896. 

Presupuesto provincial de Fili- 
pinas. For 1890 and 1891. 

Real decreto reformando la legis- 
lacion irgente en las Islas Filipinas, 
1897. Madrid, 1897. 

Real orden. Num. 451 de 2, 6 
de Abril, 1863. Manila, 1863. 

Reglamento de medicos titulares 
y forenses de las Islas Filipinas. 
Manila, 1894. 


History, Economics, Political 
Science, etc. 

Reinsch, Paul Samuel : Intellectual 
and political currents in the Far 
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I This work consists of two independent 

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This contains many Philippine titles. 

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* In Periodical and Reference Division. 

The Government of the Philippine Islands 

Department of Public Instruction 

Philippine Library 

rt ^ 

\ i 


■ 1 v / ^" 




Volume I NOVEMBER, 1912 Number 3 


The Filipiniana Division --------- 35 -37 

Duplicates of Filipiniana Division offered for sale or 

exchange - - - - - - - - - - -37,38 

Recent Accessions - - - - - 38 44 

List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the 

study of the Bibliography of the Philippine Islands. 

Part III - - - - - - - - - - - - 44 48 


bureau of printing 



Ex officio: 

Newton W. Gilbert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

Gregorio Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 
Appointive : 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

Lawrence E. Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 
Secretary : 

McQueen S. Wightman. 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

Bessie A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 





Vol. I NOVEMBER, 1912 No. 3 


During the Spanish regime, a beginning was made toward the for- 
mation of a Filipiniana Collection by the government institution, Museo- 
Biblioteca de Filipinas. Unfortunately, this collection (although small, 
yet numbering some titles of value) was neglected during the earlier 
years of American occupation, and was finally only partially saved from 
utter loss through the care of the director of education, who heard of 
its existence. 

The first action of the American government looking toward the 
collection and conservation of material relating to the history of the Philip- 
pines (outside of the government archives) , was the enactment on March 
17, 1903, of Act No. 688. In accordance with the terms of that act, the 
Filipino scholar, Jose Clemente Zulueta, was appointed collecting librarian 
with duties "under the supervision and direction of the Civil Governor, 
to visit the countries of Europe, Mexico, and elsewhere for the purpose 
of purchasing books and manuscripts relating to the history of the Philip- 
pine Islands, making historical researches into said history, procuring 
copies of official documents relating thereto, with the view to the founda- 
tion in Manila, of a public historical library upon the subject of the 
Philippine Islands." Before his sudden death in 1904, Mr. Zulueta was 
able to collect numerous copies of MSS. from Spanish and other European 
archives, and to purchase some books. After his death, Sr. Manuel 
Ballesteros, of the Archivo General de Indias, at Seville, was commis- 
sioned to procure copies of other MSS. in that institution, but this work 
was soon discontinued. All the material collected was stored in the 
offices of the Executive Bureau in Manila. 

In 1906, the American Circulating Library became a division of the 
Bureau of Education. One of the early acts of the director of that bureau, 
who was greatly interested in the conservation of Filipiniana, was the 
creation of a Filipiniana section in the above library. In this separate 
section (inadequately housed) were placed those books of the old Museo- 
Biblioteca de Filipinas that were recovered, and a few others. This was 
the nucleus of the present Filipiniana Division of the Philippine Library. 



Tn November, 1907, a proposed bill for the establishment of a Philip- 
pine Public Library, was introduced into the first session of the Philip- 
pine Assembly by delegates Paterno and Arejola. After full consideration 
by both Commission and Assembly, the bill, with various amendments, 
was finally enacted into law (Act No. 1849) on June 3, 1908. Section 2 
of this law, declares : 

"A committee of three, to be known as "The Philippine Public Lib- 
rary Committee," shall be appointed by the Governor-General and the 
Speaker of the Assembly, and shall collect, select for purchase, and 
purchase, out of the funds appropriated by this Act, such books, papers, 
documents and periodicals relating to the Philippines and to the history 
thereof, and such other books, papers, documents, and periodicals, as to 
said committee may seem proper for the establishment and the uses and 
purposes of the Philippine Public Library. It shall be the duty of said 
committee to make a careful investigation of all books, papers, documents, 
and periodicals now in the hands of the Government relating to the 
Philippines and to the history thereof, and to make due report of its 
investigations to the Governor-General, who, upon the recommendation 
of said committee, may direct the transfer of all said books, papers, 
documents, and periodicals not required for official purposes to the Philip- 
pine Public Library upon the appointment of the librarian provided for 
by this Act." 

However, this admirable act was never carried out, for in May 1909, 
all the government libraries and collections in Manila were consolidated 
into one library (see Bulletin No. 1), for the sake of better economy 
and administration ; and by virtue of this new act, the Filipiniana section 
of the American Circulating Library became the Filipiniana Division of 
the Philippine Library. On July 1, 1910 the division entered upon its 
real existence. After removal from the Bureau of Education Building 
to the inadequate quarters on Calle Cabildo, two small rooms were assigned 
for the housing and administration of its books. Yet, despite the cramped 
space, the work of the division expanded almost immediately. With 
removal into the present library building, where large airy rooms were 
assigned it, the division assumed its proper place in the economy of the 
library, and its growth has been rapid. 

The first expansion to its books came through the purchase of the 
collection of James A. LeRoy, the well-known scholar of Philippine history 
and conditions. Following this, the books conserved in the Executive 
Bureau, about 700 in number, were transferred to the shelves of the 
division; and the copies of manuscripts obtained by Zulueta were trans- 
ferred as well. But the greatest expansion came with the purchases 
of the rich and renowned collection of Jose Clemente Zulueta and Dr. 
T. H. Pardo de Tavera (the latter of which was made possible by special 
transfer of funds by the Governor-General). These accessions, while not 
making the Filipiniana collection complete, do make it the richest in 



The division is most notable, perhaps, through its possession of the 
original MS. of Dr. Jose RizaFs Noli me tangere (which was bought by 
special appropriation of the Philippine Legislature), and that of his 
"Ultimo Adios." Fitting also is the housing here of all that is left of 
RizaFs private library — over nine hundred titles. 

Interest in the division is increasing daily. The students of the 
University of the Philippines are perhaps its most constant visitors, 
but many others both Filipinos and Americans resort thither for inves- 
tigation. The history of the Philippine Islands may now be studied here 
in its entirety. 


Abella y Casariego, Enrique: El 
Mayon 6 volcan de Albay (Filipi- 
nas). Publicado de real orden. 
Madrid, Tello, 1885. 23 p. 25.5 

- El Monte Maquiling (Filipi- 

y sus actuales emanaciones 

Publicado de real or- 

28 p. 



den. Madrid, Tello, 1885. 

24 cm. 

Emanaciones volcanicas su- 

bordinadas al Malinao (Filipinas). 
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nas) y sus azuf rales. Publicado de 
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geologica y minera de la Isla de Cebii 
(Archipielago Filipino) . Publicada 
de real orden. Madrid, Tello, 1886. 
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Terremotos de Nueva Viz- 

caya (Filipinas) en 1881. Informe 
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apuntes f isicos y geologicos tornados 
en el viaje de Manila a dicha pro- 
vincia. Madrid, Tello, 1884. 31 p. 
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que pueden ser utiles para hacer las 
reformas convenientes y productivas 
para el pais y para la nacion. Ma- 
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p. 19 cm. 

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* In Periodical and Reference Division. 


Department of PuBfticHffTs^RlJGTioN 
Philippine Library 

, ;o 




Volume I DECEMBER, 1912 Number 4 


Scientific Division (Library of the Bureau of Science) - 51 52 
Duplicates of Filipiniana Division offered for sale or 

exchange - 53 54 

Recent Accessions - 54 61 

List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the 

study of the bibliography of the philippine islands. 

Part IV - 61 64 






Ex officio: 

Newton W. Gilbert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

Gregorio Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 
Appointive : 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

Lawrence E. Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 
Secretary : 

McQueen S. Wightman. 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

Bessie A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 





Vol. I DECEMBER, 1912 No. 4 



By Mary Polk, Librarian 

The original plan for a definite group of scientific bureaus of the 
Philippine Insular Government recognized the necessity of a strong centra] 
library, which was provided for as a part of the Bureau of Government 
Laboratories by Act No. 156, July 1, 1901. This bureau consisted of a 
chemical and a biological laboratory, the latter including pathology and 
medicine. Since that time the following lines of activity have been added 
by the bureau and the library has grown to meet the needs of the workers : 
serum manufacture, botanical, entomological, ornithological, ethnological, 
engineering, and photographic work, geology and mining, assaying, fish- 
eries and marine biology, standardization of weights and measures, a 
testing laboratory, and a food laboratory. In 1905 the name was changed 
to Bureau of Science. 

In October, 1904, the libraries of the Department of the Interior were 
combined into one general scientific library, of which the Bureau of Govern- 
ment Laboratories was made the custodian. It was hoped that other 
departments of the government would recognize the value of such an 
arrangement, and extend this organization to include all government 
libraries. This was done by Act No. 1935, May 20, 1909. 

With the organization of the University of the Philippines, scientific 
books to meet the needs of professors and students have been added, and 
in 1911 provision was made for ordering all such books for the various 
colleges, with the exception of the College of Agriculture located at Los 
Banos, Laguna province, through the library of the Bureau of Science. 

The scientific workers, medical men especially, of the U. S. Army 
and the U. S. Navy have used the library from its inauguration. Visitors 
interested in any branch of scientific research have ahvays been welcomed, 
and every effort made to supply their wants. The list of such visitors is 
neither short nor uninteresting. 

This brief historical sketch shows that from the beginning this has been 
a working library, growing as the needs of the work demanded. It is 
not in any sense a museum, nor has it been the intention to include any- 
thing not bearing directly upon the work of some bureau or division of 
the government. A certain amount of reference and statistical material 
has, of course, been indispensable, but from the shelf list it is seen that 



more than four-fifths of all titles fall in the groups of general science, 
mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology, natural history, 
botany, zoology, human anatomy, physiology, bacteriology, medicine, agri- 
culture, and technology, the other fifth consisting of general works, history, 
geography and anthropology, social science, political science, education, 
bibliography, and library science. The bibliography of science has been 
emphasized, and practically every section of the library contains the stand- 
ard indexes and Centralblatter. 

The library records show that 24,400 bound volumes, 40,036 unbound 
volumes and parts, approximately 1,200 maps, blue prints, etc., 450 college 
and university catalogues, 2,500 book and trade catalogues, a large number 
of duplicates and several hundred volumes and parts as yet unclassified, 
have been received. Recently a reserve stock of sixty sets of the Philip- 
pine Journal of Science, about 16,000 photograph negatives, and 3,000 cuts 
have been placed in the library. 

In classification, the Library of Congress schemes have been followed ; 
for form of entry the catalog rules compiled by committees of the Amer- 
ican Library Association and the British Library Association (1908) are 
observed ; and to the list of subject headings, the Library of Congress, the 
American Library Association, and the Public Library of New South Wales 
have all contributed, the Library of Congress form having preference when 

The library has been recognized as a partial depository for Library 
of Congress printed cards since 1905, with one copy each of all scientific 
titles printed before that date. A union catalogue consisting of Library 
of Congress cards, Library of Congress proof and a limited number of 
cards from the John Crerar library, Chicago, now fills one hundred and 
fifty standard trays and forms a valuable tool for readers and for the 
library staff. 

As a basis for scientific work, records of past work are imperative, 
hence sets of periodicals and serials fill nine-tenths of the shelves in the 
scientific and technical sections of the library. An incomplete set is prac- 
tically valueless, and no work has been spared to secure every page and 
plate found to be missing. The rule has been that anything worth keep- 
ing is worth completing and binding, though the latter frequently has been 
delayed by the difficulty of achieving the former. 

While the library was established as a reference library, the develop- 
ment of the work showed that a limited circulation would increase its 
usefulness. Certain bureaus, colleges of the university, and divisions of 
the Bureau of Science are considered as deposits, and individuals may also 
withdraw books. For the most part, circulation is restricted to persons 
on the classified civil service list, but the aim is to accommodate all 
workers who find material of value in the library. As a matter of routine, 
several hundred single numbers of new journals are sent out each week; 
by this means investigators are sure of seeing the latest things on their 
subjects without the necessity of watching the library shelves. Another 
divergence from library usage is the extension of time beyond the usual 
two or four weeks, without renewal. The books are called in for recharg- 
ing only often enough to protect against loss. 

To summarize: (1) the library of the Bureau of Science is a working 
library for scientific investigators; (2) special emphasis is placed upon 
securing complete sets of scientific and technical periodicals and serials, of 
reports of learned societies, and museums, and other scientific institutions ; 
(3) the scheme of classification is used for all material in the library; (4) 
all publications are completed and bound as promptly as possible. 


Aguilar, T. N. : Colonizacion de 
Filipinas. Estudios practicos acer- 
ca de la colonizacion con elementos 
peninsulares de nuestras posesiones 
oceanicas. Resena geografico-geo- 
logieo-minera de las mismas. Ma- 
drid, Alfredo Alonso, 1893, 414 p., 
2 1. 23 cm. 

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curso leido en la Real y Pontificia 
Universidad de Santo Tomas de 
Manila en la solemne inauguracion 
del curso academico de 1892 a 1993. 
Manila,, Sto. Tomas, 1892. 116, Ix 
p. 30-5 cm. 

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curso leido en la apertura anual de j 
los estudios de la Real y Pontificia | 
Universidad de Santo Tomas de j 
Manila el dia 2 de Julio de 1883. ! 
Manila, Sto. Tomas, 1883. 91 p., 
8 1. 29 cm. 

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Archipielago filipino, redactado se- 
giin los documentos mas recientes. 
Publicado de orden del Ministerio 
de Marina. Madrid, Rojas, 1879. 
233 p. 22.5 cm. 

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carta y proclama. Hongkong, 1899. 
28 p. 15.5 cm. 

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nual del empleado. Manila, Atayde, 
1893. 365 p., 4 1. 21 cm. 

Manual del empleado. Com- 

pilacion de las disposiciones vigentes 
que afectan al personal de los dis- 
tintos ramos de la administracion en 
Ultramar. Manila, "El Eco de Fili- 
pinas," 1891. 675 p., 6 1. 22 cm. 

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libertad de comercio en las Islas 
Filipinas. Madrid, Noguera, 1872. 
248 p. 20 cm. 

Balaguer, Victor: Islas Filipinas. 
(Memoria) . Madrid, Angeles, 1895. 
80 p. 19 cm. 

Baranera, Francisco X. : Compen- 
dio de geografia de las Islas Fili- 

pinas, Marianas, Jolo y Carolinas. 
Tercera edicion. Manila, Marty, 
1892. 162 p., 1 1. 16 cm. 

Barrantes, Vicente : Apuntes inte- 
resantes sobre las Islas Filipinas que 
pueden ser utiles para hacer las re- 
formas conveniences y productivas 
para el pais y para la nacion. 
Madrid "EI Pueblo," 1869. 281 p. 
19 cm. 

El Teatro tagalo. Madrid, 

Gines Hernandez, 1890. 199 p. 
23 cm. 

Guerras piraticas de Filipi- 
nas contra mindanaos y joloanos, 
Madrid, G. Hernandez, 1878. 448 
p. 21 cm. 

La instruction primaria en 

Filipinas desde 1596 hasta 1868. 
Madrid, "La Iberia", 1869. 17 p. 
16 cm. 

Benitez, Fernando: Memoria de 
los actos de la Real Sociedad Econo- 
mica Filipina de Amigos del Pais en 
el bienio de 1879-80 leida por el 
Socio Secretario en la sesion cele- 
brada el dia 24 de Marzo de 1881. 
Manila, Plana, 1881. 46 p. 24 cm. 

Bernaldez, Emilio: Resena histo- 
rica de la guerra al sur de Filipinas 
sostenida por las armas espanolas 
contra los piratas de aquel archipie- 
lago desde la conquista hasta nues- 
tros dias. Madrid, "Memorial de 
Ingenieros", 1857, 243 p., 2 ,1., 5 
maps. 22.5 cm. 

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de Espaha en Ultramar. Madrid, 
"Sucesores de Rivadeneyra", 1888. 
674 p. 22.5 cm. 

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ria que al. Senado dirige acerca de 
los ultimos sucesos ocurridos en la 
Isla de Luzon. Madrid, "El Liberal", 
1897. 202 p. 21.5 cm. 

Blumentritt, F. : El Noli me tan- 
gere de Rizal. Barcelona. Imp. 
Iberica de Francisco Fossas, 1889. 
38 p. 21.5 cm. 




Las razas del Archipielago 

Filipino. L Vademecum etnografico 
de Filipinas, II. Las razas indige- 
nas de Filipinas. Publicado en el 
Boletin de la Sociedad Geografica 
de Madrid. Madrid, Fortanet, 1890. 
70 p., 1 map. 23.5 cm. 

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Philippine Islands. London, Smith, 
Elder & Co., 1859. 434 p., 2 1. 
21.5 cm. 

Una visita a las Islas Fili- 
pinas. Traduecion con notas para 
la "Revista de Filipinas", Manila, 
Ramirez y Giraudier, 1876. 460 p., 
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del manifiesto del Sr. Paterno. Obras 

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the mining laws in force in the Phil- 
ippine Archipielago. Manila, Bureau 
of Public Printing, 1902. 231 p. 
23 cm. 

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tico, historico de las Islas Filipinas 
dedicado a S. M. el Rey. Madrid, 
D. Jose C. de la Pena, 180, 1851. 2 
vols. 23.5 cm. 


History, Economics, etc. (includ- 
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The Government of the Philippine Islands 

Department of Public Instruction 

Philippine Library 




Volume I JANUARY, 1913 Number 5 


Library of the Philippine Assembly ------ 67 

Law Division ----------- 68 

Duplicates of Filipiniana Division offered for sale or 

exchange - - - 69 

Recent Accessions ---------- 71-80 






Ex officio: 

Newton W. Gilbert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

Gregorio Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 
Appointive : 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

Lawrence E. Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 
Secretary : 

McQueen S. Wightman. 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

Bessie A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 




Vol. I JANUARY, 1913 No. 5 


One of the first cares of the Philippine Assembly was the formation 
of a library for the use of its members. This library is included in the 
provisions of Act No. 1935 as part of the Philippine Library. Books 
along parliamentary and legislative lines are being collected, mostly in 
the English and Spanish languages. About two years ago the collection 
of the deceased scholar, Felipe Calderon, was purchased from his heirs, 
thus adding many good titles to the Assembly Library. These with other 
accessions have brought the number of books up to about twelve thousand. 

The library, as its name indicates, is not for the use of the general 
public although those desiring to consult its books are courteously allowed 
that privilege. The library is in direct charge of the Library Committee 
of the Philippine Assembly. Under the Committee is the librarian, whose 
duties are as follows, as extracted from the report of the chief clerk 
of the Philippine Assembly for 1910 : 

"He has charge of the books of the library, the accessions Register, 
classification and cataloguing, loan of books, etc. 

"He also has charge of the collection of documents issued by the 
Congress of the United States, the "Official Gazette/' and foreign, pro- 
vincial and local reviews and periodicals. 

"He prepares an annual report for the Speaker of the Assembly 
through the President of the Library Committee of the Assembly and 
the Secretary, and a monthly report for the Librarian of the Libraries 
of the Insular Government, by virtue of Act No. 1935 of the Philippine 

"He has direct supervision of the space occupied by the Library in 
the Committee Building of the Philippine Assembly, in whatever pertains 
to the safeguarding and conservation of the books, its ventilation, and 
of courtesy to and comfort of readers. 

>5« ^ ^ jj: %. * * 

"He has charge of the correspondence referring to library matters 
*nd to the library committee; the translation of certain documents into 



English, Spanish, and the idioms of the country; and acts, as occasion 

demands, as interpreter for the Committee. 

* * * * * * # 

"He is preparing" and compiling the historical and revolutionary docu- 
ments of the Calderon Collection." 


The Law Division of the Philippine Library consists of two parts: 
one that of the Supreme Court and the other that of the Attorney-General 
office. The first contains about 10,500 volumes and the second about 
5,000. With the building of the capitol group it would be natural for 
these two parts to be merged into one, with a resultant economy both in 
book buying and in management. 

The division numbers most of the state and federal reports, impor- 
tant digests, and many textbooks and treatises. The books are used 
not only by the court officials, but by most of the lawyers and law students 
of the city. The Supreme Court has granted special privileges to the 
law students, and these are eagerly availed of. In the Supreme Court 
some of the more important legal journals are received. The end served 
by this division is practical and constant. 


A pronouncing Gazeteer and Geo- | 
graphical Dictionary of the Phil- 
ippine Islands, United States of 15.5 cm. 
America, with maps, charts, and il- 
lustrations ; also the law of civil gov- 
ernment in the Philippine Islands 
passed by Congress and approved 
by the President July 1, 1902. With 
a complete index. Wash. Govt. 
Prtg. Office, 1902. xxxix, 933 p. 
Plates. Maps. Charts. 23 cm. 

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Filipinas. De Manila a Albay. 
Madrid, Fortanet, 1887. 318 p. 
18 cm. 

Viajes por Filipinas. De 

Manila a Marianas. Madrid, For- 
tanet, 1887. 307 p. 18 cm. 

Viajes por Filipinas. De 

Manila a Tayabas. Madrid, Forta- 
net, 1887. 385 p. 18 cm. 

Un viaje por Oriente. De 

Manila a Marianas. Madrid, 1872, 
Molines, 236 p. 18 cm. 

Cabeza Pereyro, A.: Estudios 
sobre Carolinas. La Isla de Po- 
nape. Geografia, Etnografia, His- 
toria. Obra premiada por la Junta 
Superior Consultiva de guerra. 
Manila, Chofre, 1893. 241 p. 
31.23 cm. 

Cabezas de Herrera, Jose : Apun- 
tes historicos sobre la organizacion 
Politico- Administrativa de Filipinas. 
Manila, Chofre, 1883. 29 p. 28.5 

Informe emitido por el Con- 

*ejo de Ultramar sobre la convenien- 
cia de establecer en Filipinas Bancos 
Hipotecarios. Madrid, Gines Her- 
nandez, 1889. 145 p. 18 cm. 

Calderon, Felipe G. : Ang A. B. 
V . . . nang mamamayang filipino. 
^aliwanag ng icalimang pangcat 
•'ang Bill nang filipinas. Tinagalog 

ni C. Ronquillo y Valdes. Manila, 
Imp. de Quiapo, 1905. 50, xiii p. 

Discurso leido en el Liceo de 

Manila en el dia de la apertura del 
curso escolar de 1903 a 1904. Ma- 
nila, Imp. de Quiapo, 1903. 25 p. 
21 cm. 

El A. B. C. 

del Ciuda- 

dano Filipino. Exposicion del arti- 
culo quinto del Bill de Filipinas. 
Manila, Imp. de Quiapo, 1905. 45, 
x, p. 14.5 cm. 

El Colegio de San Jose. Re- 

f utacion de las pretensiones alegadas 
eit sus informes por el Sr. Delegado 
de S. S. y el Sr. Arzobispo de 
Manila presentada a la Comision de 
los E. U. de America del Norte. 
Manila, Reyes, 1900. 24.5 cm. 

Yti A. B. C. . . ti ciudadano 

filipino a nacaipalaoagan ti mayca- 
lima a paset ti Bill de Filipinas. 
Manila, Imp. de Quiapo, 1905. 50, 
VII, p. 17 cm. 

Calderon, Sofronio G. : Dating 
Pilipinas. Maynila, Imp. Lib. at 
Papeleria ni J. Martinez, 1907. 
127 p. 22 cm. 

Pagkatuklas sa ating lupain. 

1908. Maynila, Limbagan fig "El 
Renaeimiento," 64 p. 18.5 cm. 

Campa, Buenaventura: Los Ma- 
yoyaos y la raza ifugao. Madrid, 
Viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 

Canga Arguelles y Villalba, Fe- 
lipe : La Isla de la Paragua. Estu- 
dio geografico-politico-social. Ma- 
drid. Fortanet, 1888. 88 p. 23.5 

Cano, Gaspar: Catalogo de los 
religiosos de N. P. S. Agustin de 
la Provincia del Smo. nombre de 




Jesus de Filipinas desde su estable- 
cimento en estas Islas hasta nues- 
tros dias, con algunos datos biogra- 
ficos de los mismos. Manila, Rami- 
rez y Giraudier, 1864. 336 p. 21 

Canamaque, Francisco: Las Islas 
Filipinas (de todo un poco) Refor- 
mas. La novela de Filipinas : Can- 
delario. Monografia de Zambales. 
Costumbres en Visayas. Avisos de 
un Padre Jesuita. Segunda edicion. 
Madrid, G. Hernandez, 236 p., L 
map. 18 cm. 

Caro, P. (Pseud. Fr. Casimiro 
Herrero) : Filipinas ante la razon 
del indio. Madrid, Gomez Fuente- 
nebro, 1874. 293 p., 2 1. 13 cm. 

Caro y Mora, Juan: Ataque de 
Li-MaHong a Manila en 1574. Re- 
sefia historica de aquella memorable 
Jornada. Manila, Amigos del Pais, 
1894. 52 p., 2 1. 29 cm. 

Ataque de Li-MaHong a Ma- 

nila en 1574. Reseiia historica de 
aquella memorable Jornada. 2. a edi- 
cion, Manila, Chofre 1898. 155 p. 
21.5 cm. 

La situacion del Pais. Co- 

leccion de articulos publicados por 
"La Voz Espanola" acerca de la 
insurreccion tagala, sus causas, y 
principales cuestiones que afectan a 
Filipinas. Manila, Amigos del Pais, 
1897. 257 p., 3 1. 19.5 cm. 

Carro, Andres : Vocabulario Iloco- 
Espanol. Trabajado por varios re- 
ligiosos. 2. a Edicion. Manila, M. 
Perez, Hijo, 1888. 294 p., 1 1. 31.5 

Cartilla higienica y de desinfec- 
cion con las precauciones que deben 
tomarse en el caso de una invasion 
colerica. Redaetada en vista de la 
Guia Practica de Higiene y de des- 
infeccion publicada, aprobada y re- 
comendada por la Excma. Comision 

Provincial y Junta de Sanidad de 
Madrid en 1884. Con algunas ob- 
servaciones propias y relacionadas 
con este pais. Acordada publicar 
por el Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Ma- 
nila en sesion celebrada el dia 16 de 
Agosto de 1888. Manila, Chofre, 
1888. 16 p. 15.5 cm. 

Casal y Ochoa, Eduardo P. : Cues- 
tiones Filipinas. Estudio Politico- 
Social. Madrid, Moreno y Rojas, 
1888. 39 p. 23 cm. 

Castellano y Villarroya, Tomas: 
La insurreccion de Filipinas. Dis- 
curso pronunciado en la sesion cele- 
brada por el Congreso de los Dipu- 
tados el dia 1.° de Junio de 1897. 
Madrid, Hijos de M. G. Hernandez, 
1897. 15 p. 23 cm. 

Castillo y Jimenez, Jose M. del: 
El Katipunan 6 el Filibusterismo en 
Filipinas. Cronica ilustrada. Ma- 
drid, Asilo de Huerfanos, 1897. 396 
p. 1 1. 20 cm. 

Catalogo de la Exposicion general 
cle las Islas Filipinas celebrada en 
Madrid. Inaugurada por S. M. la 
Reina Regente el 30 de Junio de 
1887. Madrid, Fe, 1887. 732 p. 
1 pocket map of Philippine Islands. 
21 cm. 

Catalogo de las obras existentes 
en el Museo-Biblioteca de Filipinas 
en el dia 24 de Octubre de 1891 fecha 
de la inauguracion del mismo. Ma- 
nila, Chofre, 1892. 137 p. 17.5 

Cavada Mendez de Vigo, Agus- 
tin de la: Historia geografica, geo- 
logica estadistica de Filipinas. Con 
datos geograficos, geologicos y esta- 
disticos de las Islas de Luzon, Visa- 
yas, Mindanao y Jolo; y los que 
corresponden a las islas Batanes, 
Calamianes, Balabac, Mindoro, Mas- 
bate, Ticao y Burias, situadas al 
N. S. 0. y S. de Luzon. 2 vols. Ma- 
nila, Ramirez y Giraudier, 1876. 


History, Economics, etc. (includ- 
ing Geography, Travel, and 

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screens: an English woman's im- 
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The Government of the Philippine Islands 

Department of Public Instruction 

Philippine Library 





Volume I FEBRUARY, 1913 Number 6 


Collections of Religious Corporations in Manila - - 83 84 
Duplicates of Filipiniana Division offered for sale or 

EXCHANGE - - - - - 84 85 

Recent Accessions - 86 93 

List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the 

study of the Bibliography of the Philippine Islands. 

Part V - - - 93 96 





Ex officio: 

Newton W. Gilbert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

Gregorio Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 
Appointive : 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

Lawrence E. Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 
Secretary : 

McQueen S. Wightman. 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

Bessie A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 





Vol. I FEBRUARY, 1913 No. 6 


By 1590, the Augustinians, Franciscans, Jesuits, and Dominicans had 
established central convents in Manila, and were steadily engaging in 
mission work in all directions. In 1606, the Augustinian Recoletos also 
joined in the task. Several of the sites of the first convents are still the 
same as at the first. Part of the Augustinian convent, which was con- 
structed before 1600 has, indeed, withstood the severe earthquakes that 
have time and again played havoc with the city. 

These convents, following the example of those of Europe, and in 
obedience to their rules, established libraries coeval with the construction 
of their edifices. Many religious works were imported from Spain. 
Many of the religious themselves, wrote, compiled, and translated books, 
and these either in manuscript or printed form, usually found place in the 
library of their order. These books were, as might be expected, mainly 
religious, yet many were historical and linguistic. 

Printing was introduced into the Philippines as early as 1602, through 
the agency of the Dominicans, and thereafter many of the books added 
to the libraries bear Philippine imprints. The paper used was either of 
good linen stock which has withstood the ravages of a tropical climate 
remarkably well, or of the so-called rice paper which has become brittle 
with age. To-day the old methods are fast giving way to modern practice, 
and the linotype machines and the almost human presses are making book 
production easier. • 

The convent libraries have suffered considerably from various disasters 
besides that of climate. The British in 1762 looted many books and 
precious manuscripts, some of which were burned, while others are still 
to be found in the British Museum. Again in 1898, it is said that the 
libraries and archives of the religious orders did not escape, while some 
4 the books at that time were sent to Spain. 

Of all the orders above named, the Recoletos have the poorest collec- 
«on. The Dominicans in their University of Santo Tomas, which is 
cated almost contiguous to the convent of that order, possess somewhat 



over 10,000 books, many of which are Philippine imprints, and some of 
which are of the utmost rarity. The archives of the University contain 
many interesting' and valuable manuscripts, some of which are worthy of 
publication. In the convent are other books and documents. The Augus- 
tinians still have a collection of over 8,000, and in Philippine material, 
both manuscript and printed; their convent is as rich or richer than the 
Dominican institutions. The Franciscans can show a collection of about 
7,000 books and some documents. The Jesuits, in their school (Ateneo 
de Manila), convent, and seminary, also have a good collection, although 
it is reported that many of their books were sent to Spain during the 
Spanish-American war. The Jesuits have more modern works than any 
of the other corporations, many of which are scientific, for the old Jesuit 
observatory has been made the Weather Bureau of the Philippine Gov- 

Through the books (ecclesiastical and secular) produced by the reli- 
gious, the ecclesiastical corporations have had, and still are having a great 
influence on Philippine thought and language. The religious, it must be 
remembered, were the early teachers here and were able to impress them- 
selves on the country as few men have done anywhere. Their libraries, 
although they do contain much that is uselsss to any save the ecclesiastic, 
are filled with treasures for the student of Philippine history and languages, 
and yield rare riches to the serious investigator. 



Centeno y Garcia, Jose : Estudio j pinas y de las soberanas y superiores 

geologico del Volcan de Taal. Publi- disposiciones que afectan al ramo de 

cado de Real Orden. Madrid, Tello, justicia o conviene tengan presentes 

1885. 53 p. 4 pi. 25.5 cm. j los jueces que reunen a la vez el 

Memoria geologico-minera j caracter de gobernadores de provi- 

de las Islas Filipinas. Publicada de cias. ,? vols. Manila. Ramirez 
Real Orden; Madrid, Tello, 1876. Gaudier, 1861-1866. 20.5 cm. 
61 p. 1 il. 1 map of the Philippines. | Combes, Francisco: Historia de 
25 cm. j Mindanao y Jolo. Obra publicada 

Certamen cientifico-literario y ve- ! en Madrid en 1667, y que ahora con 
lada celebrados en honor del Emmo. ! ' a elaboration del P. Pablo Pastells, 
Sr. Dr. D. Fr. Zeferino Gonzalez, | saca nuevamente a luz W. E. Retana. 
Arzobispo de Sevilla, con motivo de ! Madrid, 1897. 799 p. 1 1. 32 cm. 
su elevation al cardelalato. Mani- j C omenge, Rafael: Cuestiones fili- 

fco C0l ^°of e ? t0 ' T ° maS ' 1885 "i pinas. l.a parte. Los Chinos (Es- 
SbZ p., I i. A6. b cm. | tudio social y politico) Manila, Cho- 

Cirera, Ricardo: El magnetismo j fre 1894. 470 p. 21.5 cm. 
terrestre en Filipinas. Manila, Cho- ! r^™,™ Taw ' Arx ^ . A A , , 
fr£ IRQq 1^7n Ma™ Chart* > Com yn, Tomas de : Estado de lab 

fre, 189d. 15/ p. Maps. Charts. , Islag Filipinas en 1810 Ed 2 Ma ^ 

Coleccion de autos acordados de la ! nila, Ramirez y Giraudier, 1877 
Real Audiencia Chancilleria de Fili- l 218 p. 20 cm. 



Concas y Palau, Victor M. : Causa 
instruida por la destruccion de la 
Escuadra de Filipinas y entrega del 
Arsenal de Cavite. Escrito y reeti- 
ficacion oral ante el Concejo reunido, 
constituido en Sala de Justicia del 
Supremo de Guerra y Marina, en 
defensa del Contraalmirante de la 
Armada de Filipinas, Excmo. Sr. D. 
Patricio Montojo y Pasaron. Notas 
taquigraficas. Madrid, Sucesores 
de Rivadeneyra, 1899. 112 p. 22 cm. 

Coneepcion, Juan de la: Historia 
general de Filipinas Conquistas es- 
pirituales y temporales de estos Es- 
panoles Dominios ; establecimientos 
Progresos, y Decadencias. Compre- 
hende los imperios Reinos y Provin- 
cias de Islas y Continentes con 
quienes ha havido Comunicacion y 
Comercio por inmediatas eoinciden- 
cias con Noticias universales Geo- 
graphicas Midrographicas de Histo- 
ria Natural de Politica de Costum- 
bres y de Religiones. En Man. en 
la Impr. del Seminar. Conciliar, y 
Real de S. Carlos: Por Agustin de 
la Rosa, v Balagtas. Sampaloc, 
1788-1792.' 14 vols. 19 cm. 

Compania de explotacion y coloni- 
zacion de la Isla de la Paragua. Es- 
tatutos. Manila, El Eco de Filipinas, 

Cruz, Hermenegildo : Kun sino 
ang kumatha ng "Florante." Ka- 
saysayan ng buhay ni Francisco Bal- 
tazar at pag-sulat nang Kanyang 
karununga't Kadakilaan. Manila. 
Libreria "Manila Filatelica," 1906. 
219 p. 22.5 cm. 

Cubenas y Romeo, Discurso leido 
en la apertura anual de los estudios 
de la Universidad Pontificia de Santo 
Tomas de Manila el dia 2 de Julio de 
1903. Manila; Colegio de Sto. To- 
mas, 1903. 98 p. 8 1. 

Chapuli Navarro, Antonio: Pepin. 
Impresiones, Viajes, Costumbres fi- 

lipinas. Madrid, Fernando Fe. 
1892. 336 p., 1 1. 19 cm. 

Delgado, Juan : Historia general 
sacro-profana, politica y natural de 
las islas del Poniente llamadas Fili- 
pinas. Manila, El Eco de Filipinas, 
1892. 968 p. 1 map of Philippines 
reproduced from the famous Murillo 
Velarde map. 22 cm. 

Echauz, R. : Apuntes de la Isla de 
Negros. Manila, Tipo-Litografia de 
Chofre, 1894. 191 p. 2 1. 22 cm. 

Edwards, H. T. : Abaca (Manila 
hemp). Manila. Bureau of Public 
Printing, 1904. 29 p. 23 cm. 

Maguey in the Philippines, 

Manila, Bureau of Public Printing, 
1904. 14 p. 23 cm. 

Egbert, Nelly Young: List of 
books in the American Circulating 
Library of Manila. Manila, Bureau 
of Printing, 1907. 256 p. 23 cm. 

El Archipielago filipino. Colec- 
cion de datos geograficos, estadisti- 
cos, cronologicos y cientificos, rela- 
tivos al mismo, entresacados de 
anteriores obras u obtenidos con la 
propia observacion y estudio, por 
algunos Padres de la Mision de la 
Compania de Jesus en estas Islas. 
2 vols. Wash. Imprenta del Go- 
bierno. 1900. 28.5 cm. 

El Correo Sino-Annamita 6 co- 
rrespondencia de las misiones del 
Sagrado Orden de Predicadores en 
Formosa, China, Tong-King y Fili- 
pinas. Manila, Colegio de Sto. To- 
mas, 1868. The following vols. : 

Vol. 3, 1868, 179 p. ; Vol. 4, 1869, 
173 p. ; Vol. 12, 1878, 231 p. ; Vol. 13, 
1879, 274 p. ; Vol. 15, 1881, 232 p. ; 
Vol. 16, 267 p.; Vol. 17, 1883, 169 
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1886, 228 p.; Vol. 21, 1887, 192 p.; 
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491 p. 


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Because of the heavy demand, all 
new fiction may be drawn for seven 
days only, and may not be renewed, 
or sent to the provinces. After 
ninety days, the usual rules will 

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pHllJ* f"* c 

Thk Government of the Philippine Islands 

bjftartmbnt of public instruction 
- r* iov Philippine Library 


* ^ * >* ■* . i in — , — *— 




\m Hlferarg 

Volume I MARCH, 1913 Number 7 


Military Information Division Library ~ 99-101 

Library notes - 101 

Duplicates in the Filipiniana Division offered for sale 

or exchange - 102-103 

Recent Accessions --------- 103-115 

List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the 

study of the Bibliography of the Philippine Islands. 

Part VI 115-116 






Ex officio: 

Newton W* Gilbert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

Gregorio Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 
Appointive : 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

Lawrence E. Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 
Secretary : 

McQueen S. Wightman. 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

Bessie A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 





^ublisfjeb montfrtp tip tfje $*ftiltppine TLibvavp 
Manila, |3 J. 

VOL. I MARCH, 1912 No. 7 

The library is open daily in its various divisions as follows: 

Circulating Division (American Circulating; Library), 8 a. m. to 9 p. 111. 

Periodical Division, 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 

Filipiniana Division, 7.30 a. m. to 4.30 p. m., Monday-Friday; 7.30 

a. m. to 12.30 p. in., Saturday. 
Public Documents Division, 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., Monday to Friday; 8 

a. in. to 1 p. in., Saturday. 
Scientific Division (Bureau of Science), 7.3 a. m. to 9 p. m., Monday 

to Friday; 7,3 a. m. to 5 p. m. Saturday; 9 a. m. to 12 noon Sundays 

and holidays. 
Law Division (Supreme Court), 8 a. m. to 1 2.30 p. m., Monday to Friday; 

8 a. m. to 1 p. m. Saturday. 

A fee of five pesos per annum or fifty eentavos per month is charged for the 
privilege of drawing books from the Circulating Division (American Circulating 

The privileges of the periodical and reference rooms are free to all. Books 
of the Filipiniana and Public Documents divisions may be consulted free in the 
library. If sufficient notice be given before the hour for closing the two latter 
divisions, books will be reserved for readers at the charging desk of the Circulat- 
ing Division (American Circulating Library). 


By Augustus Jacumin 

The lack of a military professional library was felt in the Philippines 
immediately after the American occupation, but nothing was done to fill 
this want until after the insurrection was over. Until then all the books 
available at headquarters and at military posts were limited to a few 
service manuals, reports, and some law books. As no large collection 
of books or library existed anywhere in the Islands, either for reference 
or special research, this want was strongly felt, especially by officers who 
were called upon to perform duties, outside the regular routine, requiring 
expert knowledge, such as survey work, bridge, road, and building con- 

116825 2 99 


struction, etc. To meet this long-felt want the Military Information 
Division Library was organized in the early part of 1903, starting with 
a few T books transferred from the Adjutant General's Office, Philippine 
Division, and donated by officers of the Army. 

Owing to the paucity of library conveniences at that time, no strict 
limitation could be placed on the character of the books purchased, and 
the following rough estimate, by classes, of the books now in the library 
will serve to give an idea of the field covered : 

General works 150 

Military and naval science 2,100 

Religion (non-Christian).,. 40 

Sociology 1,425 

Useful arts :. 800 

Fine arts , 25 

Literature (all donated) 50 

Travel 2,300 

Biography 600 

History 730 

Public documents 1,200 

Total 9,420 

Since the annual appropriation for the purchase of books is very 
small, all the books now in the library, as far as possible, were selected 
with an eye to their permanent value. Consequently, the collection is 
especially rich in its professional military books and reference books on 
the Far East and the Far Eastern question. 

In classification the Dewey system has been followed for all works 
except the class of "military and naval science," for which the classification 
scheme for military books prepared in the Military Information Division, 
Adjutant General's Office, Document 204, has been used. 

The full privileges of the library are only allowed to officers of the 
Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Philippine Constabulary, but the general 
public is always welcome to consult, in the library, any of the books on 
its shelves. To officers stationed outside of Manila and those unable to call 
at the library, the books are sent by mail or through the Quartermaster's 
Department, on application. This privilege is thoroughly appreciated, as 
the circulation of over five hundred volumes per month will testify. 

As the majority of the library patrons are scattered throughout the 
Archipelago and reside at great distances from the library, and due, in 
some cases, to irregular means of communication, the library custom of 
fixing a general time limit for the retention of library books by patrons 
had to be departed from, and as a substitute for this rule patrons are 
impressed with the fact that the library has, in most cases, only one copy 
of each work, and that in justice to their fellow patrons they should not 
retain the books any longer than they really need them. This has been 
found to work satisfactorily and, as a general rule, is sufficient to secure 
the prompt return of the books. 

In addition to its books, the library subscribes to about fifty domestic 


and foreign military and scientific periodicals, which are bound as each 
volume is completed and placed on the library shelves. These are widely 
used by the officers. 

As is indicated by its name, the library forms a part of the office of 
the Military Information Division and is under the direct supervision of 
the staff officer in charge of that division. It is housed in one of the 
buildings of the historic old Spanish fort Santiago — the first building to 
the right after entering the stone gate of the Fort — and occupies about 
one-half of the floor space of the upper story of that building. Its books 
form valuable working tools for the class for whom it was established. 
On the other side a cordial reciprocity is enjoyed with the Philippine 
Library, so that the library is by no means restricted to the military class. 


In the recent session of the Philippine Legislature, an Act was passed 
authorizing the purchase by the Philippine Government of the Filipiniana 
Collection owned by the Compahia General de Tabacos de Filipinas in 
Barcelona, Spain. With the acquisition of this justly famous library 
which contains many of the rarest of all Filipiniana, the Philippine Li- 
brary will possess, beyond any question, the finest and most complete 
collection of Filipiniana in existence. Some of the pieces are so rare that 
the fortunate libraries owning them can be counted on the hand, while 
many are unique. Of one volume, the Zaragoza reprint of Morga's famous 
Sucesos, but two copies were ever bound. One of these is in the Ayer 
collection in Chicago, the other in the Barcelona collection. Two repre- 
sentatives of the Philippine Government will go to Barcelona immediately 
to make all preparations for the shipping of the books to Manila. The 
collection is described in Retana's three-volume work, Aparato Biblio- 
grdfico de la Historia General de Filipinas (Madrid, 1906). All acquisi- 
tions made to the collection, since the publication of the above work are 
included in the purchase. 

A metal stack with a capacity of about five hundred bound volumes 
of newspapers has recently been installed in the Library. Metal shelving 
is peculiarly suitable for the tropics, where anay and insect pests abound, 
and where dust proves so destructive to books. Stacks for bound volumes 
of magazines and for reference books have also been ordered and will be 
installed within a few months. 

The Library has opened its usual branch at the summer capital, 
ttaguio. About 2,000 volumes were sent thither from the main library 
in Manila; the greater part being fiction, although a generous supply of 
history and other serious books was included. The books are from the 
Circulating Division (American Circulating Library), with the excep- 
tion of about two hundred and fifty volumes from the Filipiniana Division. 




El Noli Me Tangere de Rizal. | 
Barcelona. Imp. Yberica de Fran- 
cisco Fossas. 1889. 38 pp. 21.5 cm. 

Elera. Casto de : Discurso leido en I 
la apertura anual de los Estudios j 
de la Real y Puntificia Universidad j 
de Santo Tomas de Manila el dia 2 j 
de Julio de 1884. Manila Estab. j 
Tip. del Colegio de Sto. Tomas. 
1884. 76 pp. 21.5 cm. j 

Elio, Vicente: (pseud Vicente 
Sanchez) : La Isla de Camiguin (dis- 
trito de Misamis) Breves apuntes j 
sobre la misma coleccionados y de- j 
dicados a La Oceania Espanola. j 
Manila, 1890. Estab. tip. de "La | 
Oceania Espanola'' 2 Real. 82 pp. j 
with 1 map. 15.5 cm. j 

Elliot, Charles B. : Annual Report 
of the Secretary of Commerce and 
Police for the year ended June 30, 
1910. Manila Bureau of Printing, 
1910. 37 pp. 23.5 cm. 

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saya-Cebuana. Manila, Imp. de 
Amigos del Pais, Calle Real 7, 1885. 
44 pp. 1 1-23 cm. 

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Manila, Estab. Tip. de Ramirez y 
Giraudier, Calle Magallanes 3, 1881. 
300 pp. 18 cm. 

Escalafon provisional de los fun- 
cionarios de la carrera administra- 
tiva de Ultramar. Manila, 1891. 
Estab. Tip. Lit. de Ramirez y Comp. 
Calle Magallanes Num. 1. 66 pp. 
24 cm. 

Escalera y Barreto, Jose de: Dis- 
curso leido en la solemne apertura 
de Tribunales de Filipinas el dia 2 
de Enero de 1887. Manila. Imp. 
de Plana y Ca. Escolta 29 dup. 
1877. 13 pp. 26 cm. 

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dicador del Viajero en las Islas Fili- 
pinas. Primera Edicion. Manila 
Tip. Lit. de Chofre y Comp. Escolta 
29, 1885. 175 pp. 3 1. 21.5 cm. 

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ria sobre Filipinas y Jolo. Redac- 
tada en 1863 y 1864. Ylustrada con 
un mapa. Madrid Imp. de Manuel 
G. Hernandez, 1882. 447 pp. 1 1. 
19.5 cm. 

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tura Filipina. Segunda edicion. 
Manila Imp. de Ramirez y Girau- 
dier. 1870. 103 pp. 14.5 cm. 

Espina, Miguel A. : Apuntes para 
hacer un libro sobre Jolo. Entre- 
sacados de lo escrito por Barrantes, 
Bernaldez, Escosura, Francia, Gi- 
raudier, Gonzalez Parrado, Pazos y 
otros varios. Manila Imp. y Lit. de 
M. Perez hijo. San Jacinto 30, Bi- 
nondo. 1888. 899 pp. 41 with 4 
maps. 22.5 cm. 

Espinosa de los Monteros y Sua- 
rez, Diego: El procedimiento crimi- 
nal. Compilacion de disposiciones 
sobre el enjuiciamiento en Filipinas, 
con notas, referencias, antecedentes, 
concordancias y jurisprudencia del 
Tribunal Supremo. 1897. Imp. 
Lit. Partier Manila, Plaza Sta. Ana 

6. 22.5 cm. 

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Senorita Lopez, October 5, 1903 in 
the rooms of the Twentieth Century 
Club. The Arakelyan Press. 364 
to 372 Congress Street, Boston, 
Mass. 1904. 31 pp. 21 cm. 

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leido en la apertura anual de los 
estudios de la Universidad de Sto. 
Tomas de Manila el dia 1 de Agosto 
de 1900. Manila Estab. tip. del Co- 
legio de Sto. Tomas. 1900. 128 pp. 

7. 1 1. 31 cm. 

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y Pinceladas. Manila Estab. Tip. 
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de sus atribuciones judiciales y es 
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gocios en Filipinas. Manila Imp. de 
Ramirez y Giraudier, 1867. 388 pp 
22 cm. 



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59 pp. 14 1. 29 cm. 

El Beato Sanz y Compane- 

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cia del Santisimo Rosario en las so- 
lemnes fiestas de su beatificucion. 
Manila 1893. Estab. Tip. del Co- 
legio de Sto. Tomas. 802 pp.+xxm 
with 1 map China provinces. 22 

Oracion funebre que en las 

solemnes exequias celebradas el 20 
de Diciembre del corriente afio, en 
sufragio del alma del Emmo. Sr. D. 
Fr. Zeferino Gonzalez, del Orden de 
Predicadores, pronuncio en la Igle- 
sia de Santo Domingo. Manila. 
Estab. Tip. de Colegio de Santo 
Tomas. 1894. 23 pp. 21.5 cm. 

Paralelo entre la conquista 

y domination de America y el des- 
cubrimiento y pacification de Fili- 
pinas. Memoria laureada en el cer- 
tamen celebrado en la Capital de Fili- 
pinas con motivo de la Conmemora- 
cion del cuarto centenario del des- 
cubrimiento de America. Imp. de 
la Viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios. 
Miguel Servet 13, 1893. 62 pp. 2 1. 
20 cm. 

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Imperio, y ejemplos raros de Empe- 
radores y Magistrados del. Con 
narracion difusa de varios succesos 
y cosas singulares de otros reynos y 
diferentes navegaciones. Anadense 
los decretos pontificios, y proposicio- 
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PP. Dominicos en las Islas Filipinas 
y en sus misiones del Japon, China, 
Tung-kin y Formosa, que comprende 
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general de este Archipielago desde 
el descubrimiento y conquista de 
estas Islas por las flotas espanolas 
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The Government of the Philippine Islands 

Department of Public Instruction 

Philippine Library 




Volume I APRIL, 1913 Number 8 


Memorial Collections in the Circulating Division (Amer- 
ican Circulating Library) 119 

Duplicates in the Filipiniana Division offered for sale 
or exchange - 121 

Reading list of books and periodical titles on Greece, 
Turkey, and the Balkans 123 

Recent Accessions - 125 

List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the 
study of the linguistics of the Philippine Islands. 
Part I 138 


BUREAU OF printing 



Ex officio: 

Newton W. Gilbert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

Gregorio Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 
Appointive : 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

UIwrence E, Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 
Secretary : 

McQueen S. Wightman. 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

Bessie A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 





^ubliafjeb monrtjlp bp tf>e $btt{ppine Xifcrarp 
Manila, #. 3. 

Vol. I APRIL, 1913 No. 8 

The library is open daily in its various divisions as follows: 

Circulating Division (American Circulating Library), 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 

Periodical Division, 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 

Fillpiniana Division, 7.30 a. m. to 4.30 p. m., Monday to Friday; 7.30 

a. m. to 12.30 p. in., Saturday. 
Public Documents Division, 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., Monday to Friday; 8 

a. m. to 1 p. m., Saturday. 
Scientific Division (Bureau of Science), 7.3 a. m. to 9 p. m., Monday 

to Friday; 7.30 a. m. to 5 p. m. Saturday; 9 a. m. to 12 noon Sundays 

and holidays. 
Law Division (Supreme Court), 8 a. m. to 12.30 p. m., Monday to Friday; 

8 a. m. to 1 p. m. Saturday. 

A fee of five pesos per annum or fifty centavos per month is charged for the 
privilege of drawing books from the Circulating Division (American Circulating 

The privileges of the periodical and reference rooms are free to all. Books 
of the Filipiniana and Public Documents divisions may be consulted free in the 
library. If sufficient notice be given before the hour for closing the two latter 
divisions, books will be reserved for readers at the charging desk of the Circulat- 
ing Division (American Circulating Library) . 


By Bessie A. Dwyer 

In the stirring days of 1900 an American army woman, Mrs. Charles 
R. Greenleaf, feeling the need of a library in Manila, and wishing to com- 
memorate the deeds of the soldiers and sailors of the United States Army 
and Navy who fell in battle in the Orient — or died the harder death of 
peace — with the interest and financial assistance of some of her country- 
women and aided by her husband, Gen. Charles R. Greenleaf, and by 
Gen. John Miley, U. S. Army, founded the American Circulating Library 
of Manila. Mrs. Nelly Young Egbert was appointed Librarian, and with 
rare ability and unselfish devotion carried out the plan of the founders. 



The ten memorial libraries or alcoves, which are now so interesting a 
feature of the library, were introduced in 1900. 

The first one presented was the Egbert Memorial. It was established 
to commemorate that gallant officer, Gen. Harry C. Egbert, U. S. Army, 
killed at the head of his troops in the battle of Malinta, March 26, 1899. 
His friends in his native city, Philadelphia, originated this tribute to his 
qualities as citizen and soldier. It contains only books pertaining to 
American history. Mrs. Egbert later on added her husband's set of United 
States Rebellion Records. For many years these books on American 
history represented the best open collection of their kind in what a distin- 
guished literatiis has called "our farthest frontier." 

The Miley Memorial was presented in memory of Gen. John Miley, 
who served in the Philippine Islands and died there in 1899, by his widow 
and friends in the United States. The books are on general subjects 
and convey the impression of rare literary discretion in selection. They 
are the best editions of choice books. 

The Ward Cheney Memorial is a tribute to Lieut. Ward Cheney, 
Fourth U. S. Infantry, who fell in action at Puerta Julian, Cavite Province, 
January 7, 1900, and was presented by his family. It is mainly composed 
of books of travel, and is a faithful reproduction of "those silent friends" 
read by the brilliant young officer. 

The Liscum Memorial was the gift of Mrs. E. H. Liscum, in memory 
of her husband, Gen. E. H. Liscum, U. S. Army, killed while leading the 
charge in the rescue of the besieged legations, July 13, 1900, at Tientsin, 
China. The Manila Aid Society also presented some books to this me- 
morial. It is composed of general literature. 

The Guy Howard Memorial was placed to commemorate Col. Guy 
Howard, quartermaster, U. S. Army, son of Gen. O. O. Howard. He was 
killed October 22, 1899, on the Rio Grande, in the island of Luzon, Philip- 
pines. It was presented by his widow, and is of a miscellaneous character. 

Gen. and Mrs. Charles R. Greenleaf, U. S. Army, on their return to 
the United States in 1901, sent the Greenleaf Memorial to the Library in 
Manila, to commemorate the service of "Deceased Medical Officers, United 
States Army." It now stands, not only as a memorial to his comrades 
in the Medical Corps, but also to General Greenleaf himself, who in 1911 
passed to the great beyond. This alcove is historical and especially strong 
in standard biography. It also contains a partial set of the Rebellion 
Records. Opposite to the collection a picture of General Greenleaf seems 
to keep guard over his generous donation. 

The Red Cross Society of California, the society donating the first 
thousand books which started the American Circulating Library, later 
founded a memorial alcove in memory of the members of the California 
regiment who had yielded up their lives in field and hospital — the California 
Red Cross Memorial. 

Informed by Mrs. Egbert of this act one of the chapters of the D. A. R., 
in 1901, gave the Ohio Memorial, which bears their name, in memory of 



the soldiers who had joined the bivouac of the dead in the lands beyond 
the Pacific. 

This was followed, in 1902, by a gift from the Virginia D. A. R. who 
paid the same loving tribute to the Virginia dead. 

The Montana Chapter, D. A. R., interested in this patriotic work by 
Maj. George P. Ahern, U. S. Army, one of the original library trustees, 
presented an alcove in memory of the dead of the Montana volunteers. 
These four memorials are catholic in character inasmuch as they cover 
many divisions of human knowledge and represent what is best in literature 
upon specific subjects. 

All these gifts are marked by tablets of bronze or brass. To them 
have been added a bookplate for the Ohio Alcove, designed by Mrs. Rath- 
Merrill, an Ohio D. A. R.; a bookplate given to the Egbert Memorial by 
Mrs. Herman Hall ; framed copies of each plate ; oil portraits of Generals 
Liscum and Egbert, presented by Mr. George C. Sellner, a member of 
the former Library Board ; a crayon portrait of Mrs. L. M. Maus, formerly 
a member of the board, presented by Col. L. M. Maus, U. S. Army ; and 
large photographs of Colonel Howard, General and Mrs. Greenleaf, and 
General Egbert. 

If, as Disraeli, the premier of Great Britain, said: "A book may be 
as great a thing as a battle/' then the dynamic force which was located 
in Manila to be released through the influence of these books, ranging 
over the gamut of human activities, has far transcended the power et vie 
et armis. 

Upon them, as a corner stone, was erected the Circulating Library, 
which has passed into the Philippine Library and which bids fair to become 
to future generations the Philippine National Library. 

Let tribute be paid where it belongs. It belongs to American women. 
Bereaved, war shaken, and wrung, they stretched forth generous hands. 
The Philippine Government has kept these memorials apart, segregated, 
and individualized in the Library. They are given the post of honor in the 
watch and ward of the books over the minds of men and women of all 
races who seek their counsel. 


Fite, Vital: Las desdichas de la 
Patria. Politicos y frailes. Nues- 
tra decadencia. Insurrecciones de 
Cuba y Filipinas. Guerra y cen- 
sura militar. Perdidas y responsa- 
bilidades. Exposiciones a S. M. la 
Reina Regent e. Patriotismo. 
Nuestra regeneracion. Programa 
de Gobierno. Madrid, Rojas, 1899. 
-61 p. 26 cm. 


Francia, Benito: De cana y nipa 
(materiales ligeros) Manila, Rami- 
rez, 1893. 229 p. 22 cm. 

Garcia, Alcocer: Martin: Carta 
pastoral sobre la unidad catolica. 
Manila, Colegio de Sto. Tomas, 1902. 
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JUL is 19 J 3 

li ^w The government of the Philippine Islands 
Department of Public instruction 

Philippine Library 





Volume I MAY, 1913 Number 9 


School Libraries in the Philippines ----- 143 

Library notes ---------- 145 

Duplicates in the Filipiniana Division offered for sale 

or exchange - 145 

Recent Accessions - 147 

List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the 

study of the linguistics of the Philippine Islands. 

Part II - - 153 






Ex officio: 

Newton W. Gilbert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

GREGORIO Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 
Appointive : 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

Lawrence E. Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 
Secretary : 

McQueen S. Wightman. 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

BESSIE A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 





$ubU*f)eto montfjtp bp tfje ^ijtltppme Uifararp 
iWantla, |3. 3. 

Vol. I. MAY, 1913 No. 9 

The library is open daily in its various divisions as follows: 

Circulating Division (American Circulating- Library), 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 

Periodical Division, 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 

Filipiniana Division, 7.30 a. m. to 4.30 p. m., Monday to Friday; 7.30 

a. m. to 12.30 p. m., Saturday. 
Public Documents Division, 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., Monday to Friday; 8 

a. m. to 1 p. m., Saturday. 
Scientific Division (Bureau of Science), 7.30 a. m. to 9 p. m., Monday 

to Friday; 7.3 a. m. to 5 p. m. Saturday; 9 a. m. to 12 noon Sundays 

and holidays. 
Law Division (Supreme Court), 8 a. m. to 12.30 p. m., Monday to Friday; 

8 a. m. to 1 p. m. Saturday. 

A fee of five pesos per annum or fifty centavos per month is charged for the 
privilege of drawing books from the Circulating Division (American Circulating 
Library) . 

The privileges of the periodical and reference rooms are free to all. Books 
of the Filipiniana and Public Documents divisions may be consulted free in the 
library. If sufficient notice be given before the hour for closing the two latter 
divisions, books will be reserved for readers at the charging desk of the Circulat- 
ing Division (American Circulating Library). 


During the last six or eight years the library movement in the Philip- 
pine schools has developed into an important factor among the aids 
to education. Beginning as it did in a tentative effort to gather a few 
books together in a convenient place for the use of students, it has now 
reached the stage where "our library" is a matter of pride with nearly every 
student. Few schools in Manila are so unprogressive as not to own some 
sort of a library usually provided by the work of the students them- 
selves, while the movement has spread to the provinces, making such 
rapid headway that nearly a year ago the Bureau of Education found it 
necessary to get out a bulletin of 40 pages entitled "Libraries for Phil- 
ippine Public Schools." 



This is a very creditable publication and gives exact information as to 
the establishing and conducting of school libraries. It gives information as 
to the purchase of books, the care of them in the library, the loaning of 
them, and even includes a classification system, based on that of the 
Library of Congress, that can be developed and merged into the Library 
of Congress system if the library attains a size requiring greater 
expansion. There is also included lists recommended for purchase for 
intermediate and high schools. 

This bulletin has been the outcome of an effort to make school libra- 
ries uniform in their system of cataloguing and it has also served to famil- 
iarize the student with library methods so that he can use the more 
general libraries intelligently. 

Too much can not be said of the benefit these small libraries have been 
to the schools. From the primary schools, with their 150 to 200 volumes, 
to the Manila High School, now possessing a library of almost 4,000 
volumes, the benefit has been in proportion to the number of books in the 
libraries — for the greater number of books the greater the value of the 

Of course all students do not take books from the libraries, but the per 
cent of those who do is large enough to convince one that the library is a 
very useful adjunct to the schoolroom. The v class of books contained in 
these school libraries is usually along the lines presumed to be most help- 
ful to the students using them, though in many cases books purely for 
recreation are added to the number. 

These last, though providing entertainment, are of such a nature as to 
bestow a benefit while amusing, as they are usually chosen for their pure 
and simple language and are clean stories simply told. In the high and 
normal schools certain fiction is included as being necessary to the study 
of literature. 

In the Manila Normal School a limit of three days is put on books 
taken from the library, but in the Manila High School a student is al- 
lowed the use of a book for two weeks, with the ordinary fine of 
5 centavos a day for failure to return it at the end of that time. Now, 
the normal school has a library of 2,000 volumes while the high school 
owns nearly 4,000, thus again demonstrating the fact that the more books 
the greater the service to each pupil. 

The writer takes a personal interest in these school libraries, as she 
has seen the start and has helped the progress of many of them. She 
knows how both teachers and pupils have worked to establish them, has 
attended many entertainments where the proceeds were used for the 
purchase of library books, and has prepared and assisted to put into ef- 
fect classification schemes and loan systems both in Manila and the 

The Bureau of Education can advance its work in no better way than 
to continue its encouragement and assistance to these libraries. 




Dr. Robertson, who sailed February 25 for Barcelona to take over 
the Tabacalera Library recently purchased by the Philippine Government, 
reports a pleasant voyage as far as Colombo, which place he passed on the 
7th of March. Dr. Robertson has authority to spend an additional ?*2,000 
in the further purchase of Spanish books, which he will have shipped with 
the larger library. 

Mrs. Elmer, who is in charge of the Baguio Branch, reports the re- 
moval of the library from its former rooms in the Constabulary Head- 
quarters to two pleasant rooms in the Department of Interior Building, 
where the light is better and the space greater than in the old quarters. 
The window looks out on Santo Tomas instead of Mirador as formerly, 
but loses nothing in beauty thereby. 

Mr. Potter of the Bureau of Education has been gathering up books 
to form a library for the Teachers' Camp in Baguio. He succeeded in 
getting nearly 1,000 volumes from different sources, and residents of the 
Teachers' Camp will have the privilege of using them. 


Gutierrez y Salazar, Pedro: Las 
proscripciones de Sila (remedo de) 
en Filipinas por el Excmo. Sr. D. 
Carlos Maria de la Torre. Madrid, 
Gamayo, 1870. 101 p. 23 cm. 

Herbella y Perez, Manuel : Manual 
de construcciones y fortificacion de 
campana en Filipinas. Madrid, Me- 
morial de Ingenieros, 1882. 400 p. 
19.5 cm. 

Herrero Casimiro: Resena que 
demuestra el fundamento y causas 
de la insurreccion del 20 de Enero 
en Filipinas, con los medios de evi- 
tarla en lo sucesivo. Escrita en 
conformidad con la opinion de todos 
los espanoles, por uno de larga re- 
sidencia en el pais. Madrid, Mar- 
tinez, 1872. 129 p. 19 cm. 

Herzog, Maximilian: A fatal in- 
fection by a hitherto undescribed 
chromogenic bacterium : bacillus au- 
reus faetidus. Manila, Bureau of 
Printing, 1904. 16 p. 23 cm. 

Herzog, Maximilian : The plague : 
Bacteriology, Morbid, Anatomy, 
mitopathology including a consider- 
ation of insects as plague carriers. 
Manila, Bureau of Printing, 1904. 
149 p. 16 plates. 23 cm. 

Jacas, Hermenegildo : Curso de 
legislacion vigente de instruccion 
primaria en Filipinas. Acomodado 
al Programa oficial de esta asigna- 
tura en la Escuela Normal Superior 
de Maestros de Manila. Manila, 
Marty, 1894. 86 p. 

Jagor, F. : Viajes por Filipinas. 
Traducidos del aleman, por S. Vidal 
y Soler. Madrid, Aribau, 1895. 
400 p. 23.5 cm. 

Jernegan, Prescott F. : A short 
history of the Philippines. With 
illustrations. Manila, Van Buskirk, 
219 p. 19 cm. 

Jimeno Agius. Jose: Memoria so- 
bre el desestanco del tabaco en las 
Islas Filipinas dirigida al Excmo. Sr. 



Ministro de Ultramar por el Ilmo. 
Sr. Intendente general de Hacienda 
Ptiblica de las mismas, en virtud de 
orden de S. A. el Regente del Reino, 
fecha 6 de Septiembre de 1870. Bi- 
nondo, Gonzalez Moras, 1871. 44 p. 
26.5 cm. 

Jordana y Morera, Ramon: Bos- 
quejo geografico e historico-natural 
del Archipielago Filipino. Publi- 
cado de Real Orden en vista del j 
favorable informe de la Real Acade- 
mia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y 
Naturales. Madrid, Moreno y Ro- 
jas, 1885. 461 p., 12 plates. 31.5 

Kern, H.: Sanskritsche woorden 
in het Tagala. Leiden, 1880. 10 p. 
22.5 cm. 

Keyser y Mufioz. Antonio de : Me- 
dios que el gobierno y la Sociedad 
Economica de Amigos del Pais de 
Filipinas, pueden emplear para obte- 
ner el desarrollo de la agricultura 
en el pais. Memoria para obtar al 
premio ofrecido por la sociedad, 
segun el programa publicado por la 
Secretaria de la misma en 31 de 
Agosto ultimo, seguida de un indice 
general de la legislacion que con 
relacion a la agricultura se ha expe- 
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cion de la Comision en Filipinas. 
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Reimpressa con las licencias necessa- 
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C 1A 


l$&:i- :; yu\':< 

The Government of the Philippine Islands 

Department of Public Instruction 

Philippine Library 





Volume I JUNE, 1913 Number 10 


Baguio Branch of the Philippine Library- - - - 159 160 
Duplicates in the Filipiniana Division offered for sale 

or exchange ---------- 160 162 

Recent Accessions - 162 175 

List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the 

study of the linguistics of the philippine islands. 

Part III ------ 175 176 






Ex officio: 

Newton W. Gilbert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

Gregorio Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 
Appointive : 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

Lawrence E. Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 
Secretary : 

McQueen S. Wightman. 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

Bessie A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 





$uf>K*f)rb montfjlp fep tfje fl&Utpptne lifer arp 
4«amla, fj. 3. 

Vol. I JUNE, 1913 No. 10 

The library is open daily In its various divisions as follows: 

Circulating Division (American Circulating: Library), 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 

Periodical Division, 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 

Filipiniana Division, 7.30 a. m. to 4.30 p. m., Monday to Friday; 7.30 

a. m. to 12.30 p. m., Saturday. 
Public Documents Division, 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., Monday to Friday; 8 

a. in. to 1 p. m., Saturday. 
Scientific Division (Bureau of Science), 7.30 a. in. to 9 p. m., Monday 

to Friday; 7.30 a. m. to 5 p. m. Saturday; 9 a. m. to 12 noon Sundays 

and holidays. 
Law Division (Supreme Court) , 8 a. m. to 12.30 p. m., Monday to Friday; 

8 a. m. to 1 p. m. Saturday. 

A fee of five pesos per annum or fifty centavos per month is charged for the 
privilege of drawing books from the Circulating Division (American Circulating 
Library) . 

The privileges of the periodical and reference rooms are free to all. Books 
of the Filipiniana and Public Documents divisions may be consulted free In the 
library. If sufficient notice be given before the hour for closing the two latter 
divisions, books will be reserved for readers at the charging desk of the Circulat- 
ing Division (American Circulating Library). 


By Emma 0. Elmer 

With the removal of the Insular Government offices from Manila 
to Baguio, came the greater need of a library in the latter place. Of 
the 800 or 900 officers and employees of the Government sent to Baguio, 
many were regular readers in the Philippine Library in Manila; and 
permanent residents of Baguio were provincial subscribers. 

In March, 1910, at the opening of the official season, the Philippine 
Library, a Government institution, sent a part of its personnel and ap- 
proximately 1,000 books from the Circulating Division (American Circulat- 
ing Library) to Baguio. The books were largely fiction, history, and 
travel, but all classes were included. At the close of the season the 
books were returned to Manila, and books in larger numbers each succeed- 
ing year were sent to the branch for the official seasons of 1911, 1912, 
and 1913. 

119032 2 159 


An attractive feature of the branch in 1912, and especially in 1913, 
was the carefully selected lot of books from the Filipiniana division. Many 
of these are published in foreign and in the native languages. These 
books were very popular and in constant circulation. 

At the close of the official season of 1912, a goodly per cent of the 
books were left at Baguio, and, while no permanent branch was created, 
authority was granted to the residents of Baguio and the surrounding 
country to draw books. During the remainder of the year the book room 
was open for two hours twice each week. 

The books left in the branch during 1912 were supplemented by 
others from Manila for the 1913 official season, so there are at present 
nearly 2,400 books available to the public. No other papers than the 
Manila papers, and no magazines, have been sent from the periodical 
division ; and so far the public documents division has contributed nothing 
at all. 

The library was housed first in a large room on the lower floor of 
the Department of Commerce and Police building facing Engineer Hill. 
The second year it was moved into rooms on the second floor of the same 
building. The view from these rooms is beautiful. A sunken garden, a 
rustic bridge overgrown with endemic vines, the pine-covered hills, and 
shrubby ravines are in the foreground; and in the distance stand stately 
Mirador and other mountains with rugged outcroppings, beyond which the 
sun sets in unrivalled splendor. In April of this year, a general rearrange- 
ment of offices in several of the Government buildings was made, and 
the library was moved to the Department of Interior building on the 
opposite side of Government Center. The change has been an advan- 
tageous one, the quarters assigned to the library being larger, better-lighted 
rooms than the former ones. 

The usefulness and popularity of the Baguio branch has been satis- 
factorily demonstrated. The residents of Baguio, the miner in the fast- 
nesses of the mountains, the Government man away on a long and lonely 
tour of duty into the interior, the tourist, and others, have turned to the 
inviting little library for the companionship and entertainment its books 
have never failed to give. 


MacClintock, Samuel: The Phil- Mallat, J.: Les Philippines, His- 
ippines. A Geographical Reader, toire, Geographie, Mseurs agricul- 
New York American Book Com- ture, industrie et commerce des 
pany, 1903. 105 pp. 18.5 cm. colonies espagnoles dans l'Oceame. 

! Paris Imprimerie de Madame 

Malo de Luque, Eduardo: His- Veuve., 1846. 2 vols. 23.5 cm. 
toria politica de los establecimien- Manual de la infancia para las 
tos ultramarinos de las naciones clases de ensenanza primaria. For 
europeas. En Madrid. Por D. j los PP. de la Compania de Jesus. 
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MDCCLXXXIV. 5 vols. 20 cm. nila. 50 pp. 17 cm. 



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tudio de los antiguos alfabetos. 
Malabon Tip. Lit. del Asilo de Huer- 
fanos, 1895. 107 pp. 8 plates. 
29.5 cm. 

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uan six annees de voyages aux 
Philippines. Ouvrage contenant 68 
gravures et 2 cartes. Paris Lib- 
raire Hachette et Cie., 79 Boulevard 
Saint Germain, 1887. 406 pp. 
19 cm. 

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sayo de una sintesis de los trabajos 
realizados por las comunidades reli- 
giosas espanolas de Filipinas. Ma- 
nila, Imp. de Sto. Tomas, 1901. 2 
vols. 22 cm. 

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del cautiverio de la revolucion fili- 
pina. Manila, Imp. del Colegio de 
Sto. Tomas, 1900. 232 pp. 1 1. 
21 cm. 

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Estadismo de las Islas Filipinas 6 
mis viajes por este pais. Publica 
esta obra por primera vez extensa- 
mente anotada W. E. Retana. Ma- 
drid, 1893. 2 vols. 21 cm. 

Historia de las Islas Filipi- 

nas. Imp. en Sampaloc; Por Fr. 
Pedro Arguelles de la Concepcion, 
Religioso Francisco. Ano de 1803. 
687 pp. 20 cm. 

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tigua civilizacion de Filipinas. Of 
"La Espana Moderna," pp. 86-95; 
5-14 and 5-20, Apr.-June, 1891. 
25.5 cm. 

La Orden de Predicadores. 

Sus glorias en santidad, apostolado, 
ciencias, artes y gobierno de los 
pueblos, seguidas del ensayo de una 
Biblioteca de Dominicos espafioles. 
Madrid, 1884. Imp. de Antonio 
Perez Dubrull, Flor Baja, 22-430 
pp. 1 1. 20.5 cm. 

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el estado de las Islas Filipinas, en 
1842. Madrid, 1843. 2 vols. 21 


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leido en la apertura de la Real y 
Pontificia Universidad de Santo To- 
mas de Manila, el dia 2 de Julio de 
1886. Manila, Imp. del Colegio de 
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Santo Oficio de la Inquisicion en las 
Islas Filipinas. Santiago de Chile, 
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19.5 cm. 

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Manila desde sus origines hasta 
1810. Santiago de Chile. Imp. y 
grab, en casa del autor. 1896. 279 
pp. 28 cm. 

Memoria complementaria de la 
Seccion 2a. del Programa. Pobla- 
dores aborigenes, razas existentes y 
sus variedades. Religion, usos y 
costumbres de los habitantes de Fi- 
lipinas. Manila, Imp. del Colegio 
de Sto. Tomas, 1887. (To the 
head.) Exposition general de las 
Is}as Filipinas, 1887. Comision 
Central de Manila. 352 pp. 22.5 

Memorial elevado a Su Santidad 
el Papa Leon XIII, por el pueblo 
filipino. Manila, Imp. La Democra- 
cia, 1900. 13 pp. 27 cm. 

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Burgos. Discurso leido en la aper- 
tura de estudios academicos el 12 
de Junio de 1910. Manila, Y. F., 
Imp. de L. Cribe, Crespo, 101, 1910. 
30 pp. 1 1. 22.5 cm. 

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the identifications of the species 
described in Blanco's Flora de Fi- 
lipinas. Manila, Bureau of Public 
Printing, 1905. 132 pp. 23 cm. 

Miguel, Gregorio: Estudio sobre 
las Islas Carolinas. Comprende la 
historia y geografia de los 35 gru- 
pos que forman el archipielago ca- 
rolino, seguido de la description de 
todas las Islas del Oceano Pacifico, 
situadas entre el Ecuador y el para- 
lelo 10 e . N. Se acompana al presente 
estudio un atlas con las cartas, pia- 
nos topograficos y croquis de todas 



las islas del archipielago Caroline 
Madrid, Imp. de Jose Perales y Mar- 
tinez. 1887. 207 pp. 24 cm. 

Military Notes of the Philippines. 
Washington, Government Printing 
Office, 1898. 314 pp. 50 maps. 
23 cm. 

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Folklore Stories. Boston, U. S. A. 
The Athemeum Press, 1904, 128 
pp. 18.5 cm. 

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Hats. Manila, Bureau of Printing, 

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pp. 16.5 cm. 



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m, \~ M 

The government of the Philippine Islands 

Department of Public Instruction 

Philippine Library 




Volume I JULY, 1913 Number 11 


Library Resolution of Condolence - 179 

The Filipiniana Collection of the Compania General de 

Tabacos de Filipinas, of Barcelona ----- 181-185 

Recent Accessions - - 185 193 

United States Reports and legislation on public roads 

in the Public Documents Division ----- 193 195 
List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the 

study of the linguistics of the Philippine Islands-^ 

Part IV - - - - - - 195, 196 






Ex officio: 

Newton W. Gilbert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

Gregorio Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 
Appointive : 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

Lawrence E. Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 
Secretary : 

McQueen S. Wightman. 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

Bessie A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 


Whereas, It has pleased Divine Providence to remove 
from our midst Mrs. Nelly Young Egbert; and 

Whereas, we, the employees of the Philippine Library who 
have been associated with Mrs. Egbert, who have known 
her untiring and unselfish labor in the American Circulating 
Library and the Philippine Library, by virtue of which 
the present library has been rendered possible, and who 
appreciate her fine qualities of friendship and devotion: 
Therefore, be it 

Resolved, That we, the aforesaid employees of the Philip- 
pine Library, do hereby express to her immediate family 
our sympathy for her removal, which though it has come 
after the fullness of years and a life of service, is none the 
less a grief ; and 

That a set of these resolutions be embossed and sent 
to her grief -stricken daughters, Mrs. Kilbourne, Mrs. Golds- 
borough, and Mrs. Stirling; and 

That these resolutions be published in the Philippine 
Library Bulletin, the Official Gazette, the newspapers of 
Manila, and the Army and Navy Journal and the Army 
and Navy Register of Washington, D. C. 

James A. Robertson, Syrena McKee, Bessie A. 
Dwyer, Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Emma 0. 
Elmer, Effie E. Spicher, Isabel E. de Santos, 
Blanca Lara, Orencio Aligada, Segundo Hi- 
polito, P. Santos, Guillermo Restua, Ma- 
riano Banting, Salvador Donado, Gregorio 
del Rosario, Gaudencio Banting, Pedro 
Aguado, Julian Canda, Baldomero Javier. 

119598—2 X79 




ittanila, $. I. 

VOL. I JULY, 1913 No. 11 

The library is open daily in its various divisions as follows: 

Circulating Division (American Circulating: Library), 8 a. m. to 9 p. in. 

Periodical Division, 8 a. m. to i* p. in. 

Filipiniana Division, 7.30 a. m. to 4.30 p. m., Monday to Friday; 7.30 

a. m. to 12.30 p. m., Saturday. 
Public Documents Division, 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., Monday to Friday; 8 

a. m. to 1 p. m., Saturday. 
Scientific Division (Bureau of Science), 7.30 a. m. to 9 p. m., Monday 

to Friday; 7.30 a. m. to 5 p. m. Saturday; 9 a. m. to 12 noon Sundays 

and holidays. 
Law Division (Supreme Court), 8 a. m. to 12.30 p. m., Monday to Friday; 

8 a. m. to 1 p. m. Saturday. 

A fee of five pesos per annum or fifty centavos per month is charged for the 
privilege of drawing books from the Circulating Division (American Circulating 
Library) . 

The privileges of the periodical and reference rooms are free to all. Books 
of the Filipiniana and Public Documents divisions may be consulted free in the 
library. If sufficient notice be given be lore the hour for closing the two latter 
divisions, books will be reserved for readers at the charging desk of the Circulat- 
ing Division (American Circulating Library). 

It is a commonplace to speak of the library as the storehouse of the thought 
of all the ages. If the library is merely a storehouse it might as well not exist. 
That library best fulfills its purpose which disseminates most widely the stored-up 


On February 3, 1913, the Philippine Legislature passed the following 

bill : 


By authority of the United States, be it enacted by the Philippine Legislature, that: 

Section 1. The sum of two hundred thousand pesos Philippine currency is hereby 

a Ppropriated, out of any funds in the Insular Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, 

for the purchase of the library of the Compania General de Tabacos de Filipinas at 

Barcelona, Spain, under the conditions hereinafter mentioned. 



Sec. 2. The purchase shall be made by authority of the Philippine Library Board, 
in accordance with the provisions of Act Numbered Nineteen hundred and thirty-five. 
Sec. 3. The aforesaid library is believed to consist of the following: 

1. All the titles and their duplicates enumerated and described in the work of 
Retana, Aparato bibliogrdfico de la historia general de Filipinas deducido de la colec- 
cion que posee en Barcelona la Campania General de Tabacos de Filipinas de dichas 
islas, Madrid, mil novccientos seis, belonging to the Compafiia General de Tabacos de 

2. All the books, newspapers, and other printed documents (including the dupli- 
cates) not catalogued in the said Aparato, which are the property of the said Compafiia 

3. All documents, original as well as copies, owned by said Compafiia General. 

4. All other material, such as anting -anting s, etcetera, which may be considered 
as properly forming part of a collection of Philippine documents. 

5. All lists or catalogues owned by the said Compafiia General in any manner 
affecting said collection. 

6. The remaining unsold copies of the edition of the said Aparato in the possession 
of said Compafiia General, in Spain as well as in the Philippine Islands, with all the 
rights for reprinting the same, in any form. 

The aforesaid Compafiia General, through its duly authorized representative, shall 
make affidavit before a notary that the conditions prescribed in this Act have been 
complied with at the time of the embarkation of such documents. 

Sec. 4. The aforesaid Compafiia General shall, in the presence of the delegate or 
delegates appointed by the Government of the Philippine Islands, pack with all proper 
security the aforesaid documents belonging to the aforesaid library or collection, and 
shall embark the same on a vessel offering reasonable security and speed. All the 
expenses of packing and embarking and the traveling expenses both ways, in first 
class, of the delegates, including the insurance of the shipment, shall be at the expense 
of said Compafiia General. 

Sec. 5. The delegate or delegates shall be appointed by the Governor-General. 

Sec. 6. The payment shall be made by direct authority of the Governor-General, 
in the following form: One hundred thousand pesos at the time when the Librarian 
of the Philippine Library shall certify that all the documents included in the sale of 
the collection above cited have been received in Manila in good condition, and the 
remaining one hundred thousand pesos one year after date of the first payment. 

Sec. 7. The public good requiring the speedy enactment of this bill, the same shall 
take effect on its passage, in accordance with section one of Act Numbered Nineteen 
hundred and forty-five of the Philippine Legislature. 

Enacted, February 3, 1913. 

In accordance with the terms of the above act, the Honorable Dr. Jose 
Espinosa, representative for Tarlac in the Philippine Assembly, and the 
Librarian took over the collection at Barcelona. The books have now 
reached Manila and are being installed in the Filipiniana Division. 

The history of the Tabacalera Collection, one of the most important 
of all special collections known, is interesting. The fact that a great 
commercial company gathered this collection together makes it all the 
more remarkable. As far back as 1883, the then director of the tobacco 
company, Sr. Clemente Miralles de Imperial, began to collect books on the 
history of the Philippine Islands, collecting at first only in Spain, and, 
in general, only modern works ; but his field of operations gradually extend- 
ing into all the countries of western Europe, and the scope of collection 


being made to include also old and rare works* It is, indeed, in some 
measure due to the company's eagerness in collecting that the price of 
Filipiniana began to ascend, although it is true that the great ascent in 
prices has come only since American occupation; and the company was 
a great means for the stimulation of sales. The Conde de Churruca, 
vice-director of the company, and the librarian, Sr. Jose Sanchez, were 
also keen collectors, and each worked earnestly to make the collection 
complete. Each of the three was imbued by that true love for books 
which distinguishes the book lover from the mere collector, and each one 
knew intimately the inside of the library. 

Tn 1894, the company entered into its first real negotiations with 
Sr, W. E. Retana, newspaper writer and the author of many works on the 
Philippines, and well known in the Philippines for many reasons, and 
with the Madrid bookseller, Sr. Pedro Vindell. After this time the growth 
of the library was more rapid. 

In 1895, following Retana's suggestion, the company began the collec- 
tion of manuscript documents on the Philippines, which were copied from 
originals in the Archivo de Indias in Seville. After 1899, the choice of 
the documents copied was left to Rev. Pablo Pastells, S. J., formerly 
rector of the Ateneo in Manila, a keen student in Philippine and South 
American matters, and who has spent considerable time in the Seville 
archives. In all about 34,000 double folios were collected. 

In 1900, the first large addition was made to the collection by the 
purchase of the Retana collection, then probably the best library of Fili- 
piniana in existence. Retana had been an eager collector, and both in 
Spain and in the Philippines had had excellent opportunities for collection. 
He published a bibliography of this in 1898, which, with the bibliographi- 
cal work of Medina, the Chilean scholar, forms a valuable source for the 
study of the bibliography of the Philippine Islands. 

In 1904, Vindell published his well-known catalogue of Filipiniana 
(much of the work of which was done by Retana), and the best pieces 
of this were immediately bought by the librarian of the company, Sr. Jose 
Sanchez, for the Tabacalera collection. About this time the company 
decided to publish a catalogue of its library. The compilation of this was 
given in charge to Sr. Retana, who, with very great assistance from 
the librarian, Sr. Jose Sanchez, finished his work and published in 1906 
a three-volume catalogue under the title: Aparato btbliogrdfico de la His- 
toria General de Filipinas deducido de la coleccion que posee en Barcelona 
la Compania General de Tabacos de dichas islas. This publication forms 
one of the best sources for the study of the bibliography of the Philippine 
Islands. It contains 4,623 separate titles arranged chronologically, and 
has much valuable historical as well as bibliographical information. 

The library was housed in the main offices of the company, one entire 
room being given over to this. Among its books were various from 
such well-known collections as those of Sowelesi, Ramirez, Duke of Alba, 
Vermin Caballero, Marquis of Liedena, Salva-Heredia, Emperor Maxi- 


milian, Sancho Rayon, J. F. Medina, Cabezas de Herrera, Barrantes, Gen- 
eral Terrero, Tiscar, Zapater, and others. The librarian had made a card 
catalogue of the entire collection, classifying roughly by subjects, and 
using as symbols the letters A-U, each letter representing one section 
of eight shelves, and being followed by the number of the shelf and book. 
The company, with great generosity, allowed free access to its collection, 
and many scholars have worked among its treasures. Every book is 
bound, many of them sumptuously, such well-known binders as Boyer, 
Bedford, Zahnsdorf, Durand, Menard, Ginesta, Arias, and H. Miralles 
being represented. 

Some few of the notable books of the collection are the following: 
Transilvanus, Maximilianus : De Moluccis Insults, Coloniae, 1523 ; Ra- 
musio, G. B. : Belle Navigationi et viaggi, 3 vols. Venetia, 1554, 1606, 
1565; Fernandez de Oviedo, G. : Historia general de las Indias, Valladolid, 
1557; Alvarez, Francisco: Historia de las cosas de Ethiopia, Qaragoga, 
1561 ; Copia de vna carta venida de Seuilla, Barcelona, 1556 (the first 
printed account of Legazpi's expedition, and unique) ; Gonzalez de Mendoza, 
J. : Historia de las cosas mas notables, ritos y costvmbres del gran reyno 
de la China, Roma, 1585 (of this celebrated book, over 40 different edi- 
tions, counting translations into Latin, Italian, French, German, Dutch, 
and English, have been printed, 27 of which are contained in the collec- 
tion) ; Acosta, J.: Historia natural y moral de las Indias, Barcelona, 1591; 
Tello, F. : Relacion, Sevilla, 1598; Ortelius, Epitome theatri, Antverpiae, 
1601 ; Rivadeneyra, M. de : Historia de las islas del, y reynos de la Gran 
China, etc., Barcelona, 1601 ; Relatione breve del P. Diego de Torres, 
Roma, 1603; Chirino, Pedro: Relacion de las Islas Filipinas, Roma, 1604; 
Relacion del levantamiento de los Sangleyes, Sevilla, 1606; Wytfliet, His- 
toire vniverselle des hides Occidentales, Dovay, 1607; Leonardo de Ar- 
gensola, B. : Conquista de las Islas Malucas, Martin, 1609 ; Morga, Antonio: 
Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, Mexico, 1609 (one of the rarest of Fili- 
piniana) ; Fernandez, Alonso: Historia eclesiastica de 7ivestros tiempos, 
Toledo, 1611; Verdadera relacion de la maravillosa victoria que en la 
civdad de Manila . . . han tenido los Espanolcs contra la poderosa armada 
de los Cosarios Olandeses, Sevilla, 1611; Rios Coronel, H. de los: Memo- 
rial y relacion, Madrid, 1621; Grijalva, Juan de: Cronica, Mexico, 1624; 
Relacion verdadera, y breve de la persecvcion ... en Japon, Manila, 
1625; Leon Pinelo, Antonio de: Epitome de la biblioteca oriental i occi- 
dental, Madrid, 1629; Vocabvlario de Japon, Manila, 1630; Stafford, Ig- 
nacio: Historia de lo, celestial vocacion missiones apostolicas y gloriosa 
muerte del padre Marcelo Francisco Mastrilli, Lisboa, 1639; Aduarte, 
Diego: Historia de la provincia del Sancto Rosario, Manila, 1640 (ex- 
tremely rare) ; Colifi, Labor evangelica, Madrid, 1663 ; San Nicolas, An- 
dres de, Historia general de los religiosos Descalzos, Madrid, 1664 ; Combes, 
Francisco, Historia de las Islas de Mindanao, Jolo, y svs adyacentes, Madrid, 
1667; and many other little-known, unique, and rare titles, embracing 
history, ethnology, linguistics, theology, politics, etc., of which space per- 
mits no mention. 



With the exception of the Philippine Library before the purchase 
was made this was the largest collection of Filipiniana in existence. Its 
acquisition gives the Philippine Library, beyond any question, the richest 
collection of Filipiniana in the world, and one that can never be equaled. 



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de la Solana, acaba de destruir a los 
piratas joloanos. Uustrada con seis 
laminas, un mapa geografico y un 
Apendice en que se da noticia de las 
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sur ses habitants; sur le regne 
mineral, le regne vegetal et le regne 
animal; sur Fagriculture, Findustrie 
et le commerce de cet archipel. 
Paris. Au Comptoir des imprime- 
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The part which refers to the Philip- 
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vol. II. 

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nila, Estab. Tip. del Colegio de Sto. 
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v [r* 

The Government of the Philippine Islands 
Department of Public Instruction ^r\< 
Philippine library 

% >* ** f* ■ 

z m 

': ? ^'^iULLETIN 



Volume I AUGUST, 1913 Number 12 


The importance of Public Documents ----- 199,200 
Duplicates in the Filipiniana Division offered for sale 

or exchange - 201,202 

Suggested reading for Occupation Day - 203,204 

Recent Accessions 204-213 

List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the 
study of the linguistics of the philippine islands^ 
Part V - 213-216 






Ex officio: 

Newton W. Gilbert, Secretary of Public Instruction 

Dean C. Worcester, Secretary of the Interior 

Gregorio Araneta, Secretary of Finance and Justice 
Appointive : 

Grant T. Trent, Justice of the Supreme Court 

Lawrence E. Griffin, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Dean, 
College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines 
Secretary : 

McQueen S. Wightman. 


James A. Robertson, Librarian 

Syrena McKee, Chief Cataloguer 

Bessie A. Dwyer, Chief, Circulating Division (American Circulating 

Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, Curator, Filipiniana Division 





^ublte&eb moittfjlp bv tfce ^fjtlippine lUbrarp 
Manila, J0. 3. 

Vol. I AUGUST, 1913 No. 12 

The library is open daily in its various divisions as follows: 

Circulating Division (American Circulating Library), 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 

Periodical Division, 8 a. m, to 9 p, m. 

Filipiniana Division, 7.30 a. m. to 4.30 p. m., Monday to Friday; 7.30 

a. m. to 12.30 p. m., Saturday. 
Public Documents Division, 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., Monday to Friday; 8 

a. m. to 1 p. m., Saturday. 
Scientific Division (Bureau of Science), 7.30 a. in. to 9 p. m., Monday 

to Friday; 7.30 a. m. to 5 p, m, Saturday; 9 a. m. to 12 noon Sundays 

and holidays. 
Law Division (Supreme Court), 8 a. m. to 12.30 p. m., Monday to Friday; 

8 a. m. to 1 p. m. Saturday. 

A fee of five pesos per annum or fifty centavos per month is charged for the 
privilege of drawing books from the Circulating Division (American Circulating 
Library) . 

The privileges of the periodical and reference rooms are free to all. Books 
of the Filipiniana and Public Documents divisions may be consulted free in the 
library. If sufficient notice be given before the hour for closing the two latter 
divisions, books will be reserved for readers at the charging desk of the Circulat- 
ing Division (American Circulating Library). 


A librarian of recognized standing* in the United States once said to 
the writer : "If the young man who is ambitious for great wealth in money 
only knew it, there is a veritable gold mine in the public documents issued 
by the Government of the United States, and study and investigation of 
them will yield wonderful results. Those documents treat of so great a 
diversity of matters, and many of them in so practical a manner, and so 
ably and learnedly, that the bright young man may well make of them 
a school that is worth while." His words were quite true, although he 
Bright better have emphasized the knowledge and mental training to be 
derived from that study, rather than the material benefit. 

120211 2 199 


The Government of the United States conducts one of the largest 
publishing houses in existence, from the presses of which many thousands 
of documents, varying in size from a single sheet to huge volumes and 
sets, are issued annually. All are in charge of the Superintendent of 
Documents, and rare system and efficiency have been evolved in their care 
and distribution. Many are distributed freely, but for others a small 
charge, sufficient to cover cost of manufacture, is made. 

Certain libraries have been made depository institutions, and receive 
all the publications of the United States Government. The Philippine 
Library is one of these. Quite recently a "Classified list of United States 
public documents for selection by depository libraries" was received in 
the library. The diversity of subjects treated may be seen by citing those 
of a single Department, that of Agriculture, chosen merely because it is 
first on the list. Foremost are those of the Secretary, as follows : Annual 
report ; circulars ; farmers' bulletins ; food inspection decisions ; Department 
reports; and yearbook. In sequence follow those of the Animal Industry 
Bureau, Biological Survey Bureau, Chemistry Bureau, Entomology Bureau, 
Experiment Stations Office, Forest Service, Publications Division, Soils 
Bureau, Solicitors, Statistics Bureau, and Weather Bureau, all of which 
have various publications. It needs no special discrimination to see their 
immense practical value. Some of the best scientific treatises known will 
be found among these reports, and these, if they ever get into the old 
book store, fetch a high price. 

In the Philippine Islands the Bureau of Printing fulfills much the 
same function as the document office in the United States in the distribution 
of Government publications. During the short period of American oc- 
cupation, many very important reports, bulletins, and works have been 
published, some of which, like those in the United States, are for free 
distribution, while for others as low a price as possible is charged. 

The Philippine Library contains over 50,000 of the documents of the 
United States, and several thousands of those issued by the Government 
of the Philippine Islands. In addition, there are several thousands from 
other countries. 

There is scarcely a subject in which some materials will not be found 
by the student. Many persons have been accustomed to look upon all 
Government publications as dry and useless, partly because of the ease 
with which some of them may be procured. They are by no means so, 
but contain often the best thought of the best-trained specialists of which 
the country can boast. One need only cite in proof the reports of the 
Smithsonian Institution of the United States, the Wilkinson Malayan 
reports of the Federated Malay States, or the publications of the Bureau 
of Science of the Philippines. These, as well as many others, well merit 
the attention of university professors and students, of other professional 
men, of diplomats, and of the practical men of affairs. 






Montano, J.: Voyage aux Philip- I 
pines et en Malaisie. Ouvrage eon- j 
tenant 30 gravures et une carte. Pa- 
ris, Hachette, 1886. 351 p. 19 cm. 

Montero y Vidal, Jose : El Archi- 
pielago filipino y las Islas Marianas, 
Carolinas y Palaos. Su historia, 
geografia y estadistica. Obra ilus- 
trada con dos mapas. Madrid Te- 
llo, 1886. 505 p. 21 cm. 

Historia de la pirateria ma- 

layo-mahometana en Mindanao, Jolo 
y Borneo. Comprende desde el des- 
cubrimiento de dichas Islas hasta 
Junio de 1888. Madrid, Tello, 1888. 
2 vols. 21 cm. 

Historia general de Filipinas 

desde el descubrimiento de dichas 
Islas hasta nuestros dias. Madrid, 
Tello, 1887-1895. 3 vols. 21 cm. 

Monteverde y Sedano, Federico: 
Campana de Filipinas. La Division 
Lachambre. 1897. Madrid, Her- 
nando, 1888. 604 p. 24 cm. 

Moreno, Francisco: Historia de 
la Santa Iglesia Metropolitana. Con 
las vidas de arzobispos y varones in- 
signes, extensiva a hechos culmi- 
nantes de la conquista y fundacion 
de varias instituciones en esta ca- 
pital hasta 1650. Edicion para los 
suseritores de la Revista y de El 
Oriente. Manila, 1877. Imp. de 
El Oriente. 294 p. 19 cm. 

Morga, Antonio de: Sucesos de 
las Islas Filipinas. Obra publicada 
en Mejico el ano 1809 nuevamente 
sacada a luz y anotada por Jose 
Rizal y precedida de un Prologo del 
Prof. Fernando Blumentritt. Paris, 
Gamier Hermanos, 1890. 374 p. 
2;5 cm. 

Mosquera y Garcia, Francisco: 
Memoria sobre el tabaco de Filipi- 
flas, su produccion, elaboracion y 
^tribucion. Ed. 2. Madrid, Ara- 
bia, 1880. 75 p. 22.5 cm. 

Moya y Jimenez ; Francisco Javier 
de: Las Islas Filipinas 1882. Es- 
tudios historicos geograficos y des- 
criptivos. Madrid, "El Correo," 
1883. 362 p. 22 cm. 

Musgrave, W. E. : A m e b a s . 
Their cultivation and etiologic sig- 
nificance. Manila, Bureau of Public 
Printing, 1904. 117 p. 16 pi. 23 

Navarro, Eduardo: Estudio de al- 
gunos asuntos de actualidad. Ce- 
dulas personales, pasaportes, padro- 
nes, censura de impresos y comedias, 
juegos, vagos, malhechores, regimen 
municipal, la, ensenanza, codigos ci- 
vil y penal, juzgados de paz, la ma- 
soneria. Apendice. Madrid, Vkn 
da de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 1897. 
281 p. 23 cm. 

Nieva, Gregorio: Philippine As- 
sembly. Official Directory. First 
Philippine Legislature. Manila, 
Bureau of Printing, 1908. 92 p. 
19.5 cm. 

Noceda, Juan de; San Lucar, Pe- 
dro de: Vocabulario de la lengua 
tagala. Manila, Ramirez y Girau- 
dier, 1860. 642 p. 30 cm. 

Noval y Gutierrez, Jose: Dis- 
curso leido en la apertura anual de 
los estudios de la Real y Pontificia 
Universidad de Sto. Tomas de Ma- 
nila el dia 2 de Julio de 1891. Ma- 
nila, Sto. Tomas, 1891. 65, xxxviii 
p. 30 cm. 

Ocio, Hilario: Compendio de la 
Resena biografica de los religiosos 
de la provincia del Santisimo Rosa- 
rio de Filipinas desde su fundaci6n 
hasta nuestros dias, por el autor de 
la misma. Comprende desde 1587 
a 1895. Sto. Tomas, 1895. 1240, 
xviii, 167 p. 21.5 cm. 

O'Connell, Daniel: Manila the 
Pearl of the Orient. Guide Book to 
the intending visitor. Manila, 
Bureau of Printing, 1908. 59 p., 1 
map. 20 cm. 



Olive y Garcia, Francisco: Islas 
Marianas. Lijeros apuntes acerca 
de las mismas, porvenir a que pue- 
den y deben aspirar, y ayuda que 
ha de prestar la administracion para 
conseguirlo. Manila, Perez (Hijo), 

Oses Abaurre, Felix: Discurso 
leido en la apertura anual de los 
estudios de la Real y Pontificia Uni- 
versidad de Sto. Tomas de Manila, 
el dia 2 de Julio de 1897. Manila, 
Sto. Tomas, 1897. 70, xvi p. 30 

Orden general mimero 40. Ofici- 
nas sa gobernador militar sa Esta- 
dos Unidos sa Filipinas. Manila, 
24 de Marzo de 1900. Ley Munici- 
pal (en dialecto cebuano). 46 p. 
18.5 cm. 

Orden general mimero 40. Ofici- 
na sang gobernador sang E. U. sa 
Filipinas. Manila, 29 de Marzo de 
1900. Ley Municipal (en dialecto 
panayano). Imp. La Democracia. 
43 p. 18 cm. 

Ordenanza del Tribunal de Cuen- 
tas. Madrid, Alonso 1849. 25 p. 
29 cm. 

Ortega, Gaspar de: Cartilla de 
las obligaciones y derechos del con- 
tribuyente, gobernadorcillo y cabeza 
de barangay con relacion a los im- 
puestos sobre fabricacion y venta de 
alcoholes, propiedad urbana, indus- 
tria y comercio, fabricacion y venta 
de tabaco y cedulas personales. Ma- 
nila, Perez, hijo, 1886. 22 cm. 

Pan, Jose Felipe del: Los chinos 
en Filipinas. Males que se experi- 
mentan actualmente y peligros de 
esa creciente inmigracion. Obser- 
vaciones, hechos y cifras que se 
encuentran en articulos que "La 
Oceania Espaiiola" periodico de Ma- 
nila ha dedicado al estudio de este 
problema social. Manila, "La Ocea- 
nia Espanola," 1886. 130 p. il. 
21.5 cm. 

Pardo de Tavera, T. H.: Biblio- 
teca Filipina 6 sea Catalogo razona- 
do de todos los impresos, tanto 
insulares como extranjeros, relativos 
a la historia, la etnografia, la lin- 

giiistica, la botanica, la fauna, la 
flora, la geologia, la hidrografia, la 
geografia, la legislacion etc., de las 
Islas Filipinas, de Jolo y Marianas. 
Wash., Govt. Printing Office, 1903. 
439 p. 26.5 cm. 

Contribucion para el estudio 

de los antiguos alfabetos filipinos. 
Losana, Yaunin Hermanos, 1884. 
30 p. il. 22.5 cm. 

El mapa de Filipinas del P. 

Murillo Velarde. Manila, Chofre, 
1894. 19 p. 24 cm. 

•— — Etimologia de los nombres 
de Razas de Filipinas, Manila, 
Reyes, 1901. 20 p. 18 cm. 

Las costumbres de los taga- 

los en Filipinas segiin el Padre Pla- 
sencia. (Inserto en la "Revista 
Contemporanea" num. 397, de 15 de 
Junio de 1892.) Madrid, Gines 
Hernandez, 1892. 20 p. 23 cm. 

Los frailes en Filipinas. 

Conferencia dada en el Club Inter- 
nacional el dia 9 de Junio. Manila, 
1901. 19 p. 22.5 cm. 

Noticias sobre la imprenta 

y el grabado en PMlipinas. Madrid, 
hijos de M. G. Hernandez, 1893. 
48 p. 22 cm. 

Plantas medicinales de Fili- 

pinas. Madrid, Rico, 1892. 128 p. 
22 cm. 

Una memoria de Anda y 

Salazar. Manila, "La Democracia," 
1899, 102 p. 22 cm. 

Paterno, Pedro A. : El Cristianis- 
mo en la antigua civilizacion taga- 
log. Contestacion al M. R. P. Fr. 
R. Martinez Vigil de la orden de 
Predicadores Obispo de Oviedo. 
Madrid, Imprenta Moderna, 1892. 
88 p. 19.5 cm. 

El Regimen municipal en 

las Islas Filipinas. Real decreto de 
19 de Mayo de 1893 con notas y 
concordancias. Madrid, sucesores 
de Cuesta, 1893. 280 p. 19.5 cm. 

Los itas. Madrid, Suceso- 

res de Cuesta, 1890. 439 p. 2 1. 
17.5 cm. 




Andrews, E. B. : History of the | 
United States. 2 vols. N. Y., 1906. ! 

973An26 | 

Canby, G. : Evolution of the | 
American flag. Phila., 1908. 


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United States and Spain. 2 vols., 
N. Y., 1911. 327C34r 

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States. N. Y., 1910. 973C362 

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ica. N. Y., 1904. 329.73C7196g 

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a world power N. Y., 1908. 


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mission. In "China and its people/' 
Bost., 1906. 915.1D411 

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American History with special ref- 
erence to the lives of Great Ameri- 
cans. N. Y., cl899. -f 973Eg36f 

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literary. N. Y, 1903. 973F547 

All of Fiske's works are re- 

Foster, J. W. : American diplo- 
macy in the Orient. Bost, 1904. 


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wars. N. Y., 1911. 921F965am 

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By telephone. Manila, 1912. 

Transl. by Derbyshire and edited by 

Ang Filipinas sa loob ng 

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My last farewell and other 

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Reign of greed. Manila, 

1912. Transl. by Derbyshire of "El 

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